What Not to Do if You’re Stopped for a DUI (continued)

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on June 21st, 2013

Following up on my post two days ago, another example of how not to deal with a possible DUI…

Woman Locked in Car Made Up Beverly Kidnapping Story to Avoid DUI, Police Say

Beverly, MA.  June 19 – A Beverly woman was arrested earlier this week after lying to police about being kidnapped in an attempt to avoid being arrested for drinking and driving.

Maria Brayfield, 24, was found locked in the back of her car at 3:30 a.m. Monday morning, June 17, just before exit 17 on the northbound side of Route 128 in Wenham by two passing motorists who had stopped to provide assistance to what they believed to be an accident.

Police said the motorists heard a woman and smashed the rear glass in the vehicle hatch to free her.

Brayfield told police that two masked men entered her Beverly apartment and forcibly abducted her. She said they ordered her to drive her car, and eventually pulled to the side of Route 128.

However, Beverly Police later reported that the investigation at the scene did not coincide with details of Brayfield’s account.

“Through investigation and interviews with the Criminal Investigations Division, it was determined that the story was made up,” said Officer Mike Boccuzzi of the Beverly Police Department.

Boccuzzi added that Brayfield later told Beverly police detectives when questioned that she was intoxicated and fearful of being arrested, hence the reason why she created the false story of the kidnapping.

Brafyield was charged on Monday with filing a false police report, according to Boccuzzi. Filing a false report is a misdemeanor crime that carries a court appearance.

Now, if she'd just kept her mouth shut….

  • So fundamentally true, but so often ignored…polite silence is the best way to deal with these situations. Along with, “please help me contact me attorney.”

  • David W

    I don’t understand the ’smash the window out’ part..Just goes to show how fearful some get when the letters dui come up I guess.Had she been in Nevada (I think it was Nevada), she would have been let go for making the right decision and parking her car if she felt she was too impaired to drive..Referencing a case out there where a fellow laid his key on the center console in a club parking lot back 5/6 years ago,hopped in the back of his kingcab, and slept the night away only to be woke and charged with dui by a patrolling officer that checked his vehicle out..I believe the court ruled that his intent represented what the court viewed as proper and did not agree that punishment was in order due to the fact the driver did what the court would like others to do if they felt driving was not a good idea.Probably one of the more sound court rulings I have ever read when it comes to this fanatical subject..Btw,,kinda curious what MADD might be saying about texting and driving these days since they ignored discussions about the dangers when confronted awhile back..Being that the ‘experts’ have now stated that texting reaches everbit the level of impaired driving,especially with young drivers…