The “War on Drunk Driving” Marches On…

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on February 17th, 2009

In the no-comment-necessary department….

Man Charged With Drunk Driving on a Bicycle

Warwick, RI.  Feb. 16  -  Police have charged a man on a bicycle with driving under the influence.

Police said Gary Merritt, 49, was riding his blue Roadmaster bicycle on Sunday in the middle of the travel lane at the intersection of Warwick Avenue and Airport Road.

According to police, Merritt went through a red light and didn’t have any lights on his bike.

For examples of other dangerous criminals scooped up in MADD's dragnet, see my posts DUI – While Walking a Bike, Felony Bicycle DUI, DUI on a Foot-High Toy Bike, DUI on a Horse?, Drunk Driving on a Lawn Mower,  DUI in a Wheelchair? and Drunk Driving on a Zamboni.   

  • David W

    Makes one wonder how long it will be before we see charges being leveled against individuals on roller skates….

  • standup

    David, I’d say somewhere right in between skateboards and sneakers. Right Don ?

  • RichardAlan

    I enjoy drinking a glass of water when I perform on my skateboard.

    I also enjoy a few shots of Whiskey when I perform on my skateboard, for focus, and control. The Government is full of lies and make believe, here I am performing on my skateboard probably at a .o8.
    I am a professional skateboarder

  • David W

    And just wondering one other thing? How exactly are they going to install an IID on these things? Umm? Any suggestions MADD? This couldn’t possibly be one time you “don’t “have an answer,,could it?

    Answer please,,,Its a relevent question. Or you just going to put them on their car because they “might” decide to drive it?

    Conviction before the crime..Gotta love this reasonable and sane solution..

    Does that included lawn mowers too? How about horses? Is an individual going to be banned for life from riding one? Just in case?? Is it just me or is there something really out of wack here??

  • joe

    I’m all for public safety, but DUI on a bike? At least this person didn’t get into a bigger, heavier, faster, more deadly car. Don’t we encourage people to not drive when they’ve been drinking? Isn’t that what this person did?