Police Commander Falsifies 122 DUI Arrests to Get Federal Overtime Funds

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on February 26th, 2013

In the ongoing "War on Drunk Driving", the latest news from the front…. 

High-Ranking Cop Caught Lying About DUI Arrests

Des Plaines, Iowa.  Feb. 26 — A former police commander in Des Plaines, Illinois was brought up on charges last Wednesday by prosecutors who say he lied about drunk-driving (DUI) arrests. According to US Attorney Gary S. Shapiro, Timothy J. Veit was caught creating 122 bogus drunk driving arrests in an effort to boost the police department's revenue with federal overtime payments. Between 2009 and 2012, the effort generated $132,893 in bogus payments.

The source of the funds was the US Transportation Department's Sustained Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP), which funnels federal gas tax dollars through the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to bankroll traffic ticket-writing blitzes that typically take place on holiday weekends. Veit was in charge of his department's STEP campaign, which meant he had to meet a clearly specified traffic ticket quota to qualify for the monetary reward.

"IDOT notified STEP grant recipients of the performance objectives for the STEP enforcement campaigns, which performance objectives included that the grant recipient average at least one Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest for every ten hours of overtime worked by law enforcement officers on impaired-driving enforcement campaigns," Shapiro wrote in his charging document.

As part of the funding agreement in the STEP program, local police departments must provide a detailed monthly report updating federal officials on the progress of ticket-writing blitzes. Veit signed and dated these compliance reports as well as a number of reimbursement requests. Prosecutors claim Veit claimed 27 DUI arrests in 2009 when there were only 13 arrests made. The next year, he turned 8 arrests into 47. In 2011, 8 DUI arrests became 62, and, last year, one arrest became 16. Each bogus arrest included made up blood-alcohol content readings.

City officials discovered the discrepancy in March 2012 and allowed Veit, who is 55, to retire in April. Since 2009, Veit had collected over $40,000 in overtime himself. Veit is charged with one felony count of making false statements, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000, though he is likely to serve less time under federal sentencing guidelines.

Police departments across the country continue to deny they use quotas for drunk driving arrests.  Using quotas, of course, forces cops to make arrests because they have to — not necessarily because anyone is guilty.  See my past posts:  DUI Quotas, "Yes We Have No DUI Quotas" and "Inside Edition" Documents DUI Quotas Across U.S.  

Why do they have quotas?  As the man said, "Follow the money".  See, for example, DUI Roadblocks for Fun and Profit and How to Make a Million in the DUI Business

  • So the police lie to get more federal money which is all overtime, MADD uses the bogus arrest numbers to further their agenda. Where is the RICO suit????

  • Linda

    According to a report I found published by Kansas Department of Transportation, $100,000 of the Step Grand Money they received was used to train judges…..train judges?  That doesn't sound right to me.

  • Linda

    I apologize…I meant grant money. Also as I slept on it I have more thoughts ~ the laws have been custom designed to allow no one suspected of DUI a fair chance to prove their innocence (a direct contradiction to the American Way, by the way).  The states use proveable junk science to convict people and get away with "legal" convictions.  Isn't this enough?  No.  Money is the root of all evil.  Those that would lie to ruin another's life for "public good" is horrible enough, but to do so for money is nothing short of despicable.  And that is where we are.  Judges being trained to allow sworn testimony that is perjurous, Supervisors of Breath Alcohol Programs not overseeing the programs in good faith and training certified officers to lie.  Police Department Internal Affairs, Attorney General, Prosecuting Attorney and State Bureaus of Investigation refusing to investigate proven crimes resulting in heinous coverups and Media REFUSING to report.  The Defense Bar needs to take a page out of the Prosecution Handbook and team up.  Most people accused of DUI don't have the money to defend aggressively nor are they aware of how the state cheats.  The state is being funded by we the people. Ironic that my tax dollars are being used to support the corruption through STEP Grants.  And if I am wrongly convicted of DUI I will have to use my iife savings to defend myself and will most probably lose any way.    In the words of Lord Acton, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."  I pray that those abusing the system are all made accountable and enjoy any and all rightful consequences.

  • DUI Attorney Miami

    Lying about DUI arrests have resulted in 100's of tossed cases here in Miami. Good article.