New Saliva Test for Drugged Drivers…From a Disinterested Source?

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on July 23rd, 2013

Law enforcement keeps coming up with new and "fool-proof" ways to test a drunk driving suspect for alcohol and drugs, most of which never pan out.  An example in yesterday's news:

State Law Enforcement to Test Saliva for Drugs

Ft. Smith, AK.  July 21 — Arkansas law enforcement may now test a person’s saliva to determine if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The law was passed in March and went into effect July 17.

Lieutenant Allan Marx with the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Department was a driving force behind the changing law. He said before the Arkansas DWI law changed, officers could test a person’s blood, urine and breath.

Marx said while working a case last year, he learned about saliva testing and recognized a need for it in Arkansas.

“If there’s ever a new way, a new tool that we can use to help not only law enforcement but help the public and the safety of the people out there, it needs to be used,” said Marx. “I believe this product is going to save lives.”…

Due to the infancy of the new law, Marx said the admissibility of the tests have not yet been tried in court. However, he said the tests have been used for years in the hiring process.

“Obviously it’s a brand new law, and that will come into effect,” said Marx. “But there should not be any opposition whatsoever…”

It's touching that Lt. Marx's efforts to get the saliva test adopted for law enforcement were motivated by a desire to "help the public and the safety of the people out there".  Oh, by the way…the following is from Lieutenant Marx's own website,

Marx has become a distributor of an oral saliva drug test called OralTox, created by Premier Biotech. Marx created a website,, to sell the test kit…

Hmmmm….Strange that there was no mention in the news story about Lt. Marx, "the driving force behind the changing law", having a financial interest in the saliva test.  

(Thanks to "Joe".)

  • Karl

    A DUI is like a cancer, as is mentioned in Mr. Taylor’s web site. Like he wrote, it’s expensive to fight a DUI, but the alternative is scary. I’ll add that it is like a cancer for another reason- the penalties are so far reaching and numerous that, still, 3 years after my DUI conviction (I pleaded guilty, not knowing what I was in for) I am still finding ever more ways how that DUI will and is affecting my life. Even someone with advanced spreadsheet skills would have a tough time creating a spreadsheet that would completely illustrate the penalties of a DUI from the MVD, the court, your insurance company, your professional licensing organization (mine was nursing), your employer (if you’re lucky enough to keep your job), local and state and federal government agencies and benefits, schools, the ignition interlock company, and the list so far, in my case, continues to grow. Like a cancer. First you find a lump, and you’re scared. Then you get a biopsy, and then have to wait for the report even as your medical bills mount up. Then, you get the diagnosis of cancer, and are scheduled for surgery, and have to wait, and fear for your life. Then the surgery, the pain, the slow recovery, the bills, the likely job loss and with it your health insurance. Then you file for bankruptcy because of the medical bills, and you are unemployable and uninsurable because of your health history. But then you start to feel as though you may be cured, but you need a yearly follow up, so you are always afraid, in the back of your mind…what if? A year goes by, two, three- all clear. Then, at your next year follow up, there’s something amiss in your blood test. You’re advised you need a further exam. Another lump, but this time it’s in a different location- the cancer is not only back, it has spread…what fresh hell is this?

    Karl Farmer, author of “DUI: Ticket to Hell (A Cautionary Tale)” It needs a final edit, but I get physically ill every time I read through the manuscript, so it may never get finished. Like the penalties from my DUI.

    Listen GOOD: a DUI will ruin your life, slowly, but surely. If you have to sell you soul to the devil himself, FIGHT YOUR DUI LIKE HELL, because the alternative is a LIFE of HELL.

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