New Reality TV Show: DUI SuperCops

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on December 22nd, 2007

With the emergence of the DUI SuperCop phenomenon, you just knew it had to happen….

Fresno Police Star in Pilot TV Show

Showcasing DUI Enforcement

Associated Press, Dec. 20  –  Fresno's finest are starring in a new pilot television show that showcases the police department's tough tactics against those who dare to get behind the wheel after drinking.

The Court TV reality show "Driving: Under the Influence" premiered Dec. 7.   The show follows officers as they stage drunken-driving checkpoints and stake out bars watching for drinkers stumbling to their cars.

Fresno police are hoping the half-hour show results in a series, but officials with the cable network said they couldn't comment on when they would make that decision.

The Fresno Police Department's muscular tactics have won it awards from both Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

  • standup

    How about a new reality show called “BAD cops” ? Brett Darrows from St. Louis could be the narrator. With the sophisticated audio / video equipment out today, this show could catch bad cops AND display it on TV. Follow up on the civil lawsuit,and which cardboard box the officer is now living in. Any networks interested ? It’s a sure winner…

  • standup

    In the meantime, learn the words to “Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles”.

  • MikeV

    Mr. Taylor,

    I just had an experience with a DUI checkpoint in Fresno. No TV cameras though!

    The encounter was brief:

    I stopped at the roadblock. One cop on either side of my car looking inside with flashlights. One cop asks for my license and where I was coming from. He made me follow his finger with my eyes, and was somewhat rude about it. He gave me back my license and told me to go on.

    I asked him if he felt good about what he was doing. He became very defensive and told me that driving in CA is a privledge and that he hopes no one in my family get injured by a drunk driver. He refused to talk any further and told me that I needed to drive on.

    Let me say that I am not a drinker and don’t plan on drinking and driving any time soon. So I don’t need your help with legal defense.

    What I am is a concerned citizen who believes we need to put an end to DUI checkpoints. Tonight pushed me past my limit. A bit too much like East Berlin for my taste.

    Do you have any resources available or any advice on how I can get active and get the local police to change their policy?

    Thank you.

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