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Posted by Lawrence Taylor on July 11th, 2008

Apparently, the MADDness isn’t limited to the U.S….

Richmond Hill Man Charged with Drunk Driving on Lawn Mower

Toronto, Canada.  July 11  -  A Richmond Hill man faces a drunk driving charge after York Regional Police caught him riding a lawn mower on the sidewalk Sunday allegedly drinking a beer…

Police took the opportunity to remind residents any motorized vehicle including ATVs, scooters and jet skis are all subject to the impaired driving provisions in the Criminal Code.

  • koivisto

    Thank goodness they pulled him over before a high speed chase of 6 miles per hour happened! If only there was a breath interlock on the mower, we wouldn’t have this problem! I think we should have these interlocks in use for everyday life too. >08 will have to wait. DUI is the single biggest issue in the world and we need to put all of our energies into stopping this travesty!!! As I write this I am hearing crash after crash outside my window. I am afraid to drive with all of the drunks on the road. As a matter of fact I think I’ll stay inside for the rest of my life so I don’t get hurt.

  • standup

    I hope they remembered about motorized coolers.
    MADD does not exist in N.J.
    I have a customer at my restaurant, Tony “Bag-o-donuts” Guytano. He told me there is no such thing as the Mafia.
    Ya learn something new every day, don’t cha ?

  • David W

    Yeah right, MADD doesn’t exist in NJ. They must have been routing one of their telemarketing calls thru a NJ # as when I tracked it, NJ is where it came from. I finally turned my daughter loose on them and haven’t heard a word since. She asked them why they keep calling and interupting our dinner.

  • evlphl

    get rid of MADD once and for all. How can we do it? Ill help.