“DUI SuperCops” To Be Monitored

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on March 20th, 2009

The "DUI SuperCop" phenomenon is getting so bad in Chicago that the Illinois Attorney General is stepping in and requiring the top "DUI-busters" to have their police cars equipped with videotaping equipment to justify their arrests.

Prosecutor Says Top DUI Cops Need Squad-Car Cameras

Lawrence X. O’Reilly identifies 28 officers for supplying video evidence

Chicago, IL.  Mar. 19  – The top prosecutor in Cook County’s Traffic Court has asked the Chicago Police to assign video-equipped squad cars to officers who frequently make drunken-driving arrests.

Lawrence X. O’Reilly, supervisor of the state’s attorney’s traffic division, has identified 28 Chicago officers who regularly have DUI cases before the court, sources said. O’Reilly wants them to have video evidence to support their arrests.

Last year, Officer John Haleas was charged with falsifying information in DUI arrests. Officer Joe D. Parker is under investigation for the same thing…

Do you really think cops are only doing this in Chicago?  See my earlier posts for just a few examples of this growing trend:  DUI SuperCops (Florida),  SuperCops…and SuperCons (Oregon), How to Be a "Top Cop" (New Jersey) and SuperCops: The Smoking Gun (Texas).  

  • David W

    Now thats some of the best news we’ve heard in a long time. A public servant of sorts holding these “top cops” acountable for their insinuations.

    After all, if they have nothing to hide, then they should have no problem showing their case thru the form of actual pysical evidence showing that what they have stated is the truth.

    A step toward accountability. Excellent news Larry!

  • donleedon

    Hmmmm, the cop who tagged me was quoted that he decided to become an officer after his father was killed by a drunk driver… I couldn’t prove it, but he lied/remembered incorrectly the events occurring in my arrest… wonder if he had ulterior motives… Not that I can do anything about that now.

  • standup

    I’m sure that the videotaping equipment is going to start “Malfunctioning” more than ever now…