Driving Drunk….in Your Own Driveway?

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on July 27th, 2017

In the latest news from the front lines of the "War on Drunk Driving"….

Suspected Drunken Driver Can Be Busted in Own Driveway 

Detroit, MI.  July 25 – The Michigan Supreme Court says a driveway is no refuge for a drunken driver.

The court says Northville authorities could charge Gino Rea with drunken driving, even if his car never left the driveway. The court says a driveway is “generally accessible to motor vehicles” under state law, even if on private property.

Police went to Rea’s home three times one day in 2014 to respond to noise complaints. At one point, an officer saw him drive out of the garage and pull back in. His blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

The next thing you know they’ll be arresting people for DUI on bicycles and wheelchairs.  Oh, right, they’re already doing that.  See, for example, Felony Bicycle DUI and DUI in a Wheelchair

  • Nonameever

    California has long had DUI on horseback, bicycles. Breaking down doors and dragging drunks from beds is lawful on eyewitness report of DUI apparently too. In a car in a driveway, private property or not has long been fair game in California, need to catch up people

  • Douglas Self

    If there’s reliable evidence that he entered the public roadway while driving his car from his driveway and back onto it, in an obviously VERY short trip, then, yes, he was driving under the influence as defined by the law. Now…if he never left the driveway, and no one saw him leave, and he never stated any intention to leave to the officer(s), is THAT still a valid bust for DUI?