Catheter Forced Up Penis After DUI Arrest

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on March 5th, 2008

I don’t think the following story needs any commentary from me:

Tube Inserted Into Man Who Refused to Give Urine Sample

Kelso, Wa.  March 4  –  When a man who was suspected of drunken driving in Longview refused to give blood and urine samples he was taken to a hospital.

His lawyer says he was held down kicking and screaming for a blood draw. And a tube was inserted into his bladder to withdraw the urine.

He sued Cowlitz County. A settlement was reached Friday in which he was paid $15,000, without authorities admitting they did anything wrong…

Welcome to "The War on Drunk Driving".

  • Mark Grost

    I am working with a company Span Corporation I ran this story by them and they said it is very odd that the police would do this and it clearly demonstrates their ignorance of drug screening. They say urine testing can never determine if someone is legally drunk – only that they have alcohol in their system. So why do it?

  • standup

    I wonder what the results of these so called “Tests” were. The guy was on probation, I’m suprised he was even allowed to sue. I guess 15 Grand was just “Shut up money”. They really stuck it to him (No pun intended).

  • jim

    sticking a neddle in someone’s arma gainst their consent is an automatic tort,… doing what they did, is a slam dunk , multi million dollar law suit.

    imagine the humiliation he suffered.

  • jimmydodapp

    LOL, 15k isnt very much. I think the guy should show up at the cops house one day and deal with him on a “personal” level!

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