Anatomy of a DUI Lynching

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on June 25th, 2008

American citizens are considered to be innocent until proven guilty – unless it involves  drunk driving, in which case a MADD-inspired hysteria takes over. Consider the following news story..

Larchmont, NY.  June 10 – Mike Mezansky, a former star Mamaroneck High School baseball player accused of driving drunk and hitting a child, said his legal problems took a back seat to the more immediate concerns of the 9-year-old victim.

“My heart goes out to the family,” Mezansky said yesterday, when he answered the door to his home just down the street from Friday’s crash site. “I’ll deal with the legalities of everything, but the main thing is the kid being OK. That’s all I can say.”

The boy, William Powers, suffered a head injury, broken legs, bruised lungs and other wounds. He is at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla and has been breathing with the help of a ventilator…

He is accused of striking the child on Magnolia Avenue at 7:45 a.m. The boy had just seen his sister onto a Bee-Line bus, then crossed in front of it to head home. That’s when the white Lexus pulled out from behind the bus and struck the boy, police said.

Police detected alcohol and arrested the teen after he failed a series of field sobriety tests. He refused a Breathalyzer test, police said, and they asked for a court order to test his blood.

The results of that test are not yet known, police said today…

Here are some of the letters to the editor that followed:

Who gives a 19 year-old a Lexus? How did the 19 year-old get alcohol? Why is a 19 year-old drunk at 7:30 in the morning?  What the hell kind of parenting goes on in the Mezansky household?!?


Sounds like a punk who’s parents give him everything he wants and thought he was immune to the world, on his way to making millions in baseball and thought he was untouchable. Drunk or not, he learned one hell of a life lesson right now and maybe mommy and daddy will wise up and not give a 19 year old punk Lexus.

Was the driver drunk? Yes. I don’t want to hear about the bus driver, or anything else. The reason this boy is in critical condition with injuries that he will never totally heal from, IF he lives… is because this moron drove drunk…at 7:45 in the morning.

We need to get our political representatives to take control of these horrendous happenings by enacting laws which are meaningful and punitive.

He refused a breathalizer test? Seems like a great guy huh? By the way, where was he drinking? Who was he drinking with? If at a house, the parents should be arrested as well. If at a bar, the bartender arrested.

I really don’t care if he was an alter boy all his life. You don’t get a pass on this one buddy. You may have murdered a child due to your reckless behavior, you at least injured him for life. It is Mezanskys fault that this child is on life support instead of going to the pool this summer. Instead of going to summer camp with his twin brother, he will be in the hospital or dead.

Before everyone passes judgement on the driver, lets all wait till the blood alcohol test comes back… 

And now for the follow-up news story:

Larchmont, NY, June 18 -  A drunken-driving charge against a Larchmont teen accused of running over a 9-year-old boy with his car last week was reduced after a blood test came back showing that the teen’s blood-alcohol level after the accident was zero…

Did that stop the hysterical letters?  Following are a few written after news of the .00% blood test was made public:

You hit a child, put him in a coma, and its a traffic violation. A real poster child for responsible driving. Someone got paid off to make this go away; and he will do it again because he got away with it. Nothing but a non remorseful punk!

Daddy or mommy got this kid off, it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

How fast was this kid going anyway to do the damage that he did to the boy – it was 7:45am in the morning, was the sun not out? Ask the little boy if knowing that his assailant will remember this day always if that makes him feel better…

The man is a drunk hick with a lil bit of money..that’s whats keepin him outta prison..bottom line..point blank

This punk kid who at the age of 18 was as they say "driving while ability impaired" in my book that’s DRUNK sorry kid. No sympathy for you or your parents, who probably know that you’ve done this before.

Why did he refuse a breath test? and a field sobriety test? We all know why… sue, sue, sue!!!… he might beat the DWI, but he should have his pockets emptied.

Let’s just remember something…the legal drinking age is 21! This kid is 18…any amount of alcohol is too much!!!! He still needs to face the music.

Obviously this kid has some good connections….you don’t fail sobriety tests when your sober.

Fortunately, there are still a few who give me hope:

Regarding the recent accident in Larchmont in which 18-year-old driver Mike Mezansky hit a 9-year-old boy, now that we know the young driver’s blood alcohol level was 0.00, we would do well to remember that persons accused of a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty…The young driver was therefore as entitled to the presumption of innocence as any other defendant. Unfortunately, some had all but convicted him before he had even been arraigned, let alone tried. Amazingly, the attacks are continuing even as I write this letter.

(Thanks to David Baker)

  • KevinMarkWray

    Lets see… a 9 year old kid walks into traffic (with the light or maybe not) and in front of a large object that would have keep him and a vehicle from seeing one another in time and is hit.

    Maybe its just an accident.

    No…we report a DWI, its a DWI
    evidence be damned

  • David W

    Yes, rather sad to see this rush to judgement in the matter. One can only speculate as to all of the circumstances here as we don’t have access to witness reports in this ,but I did spot a comment that someone indicated the bus driver “waved his hand”. If true, was he doing this to clear the boy to walk in front of the bus? Or to signal some of the traffic behind him to pass?. We will just have to wait and see. Intersections are getting busier and busier these days with the volume of traffic which inevidibly means chances for a mishap go up. On thing that I have noticed which disturbs me is the alignment of redlights at intersections. If one is behind a bus ,any type of box van truck or tractor trailer, one “cannot see” the light .Many times I have held back because I can’t tell if the light may be changing as the truck is moving thru the intersection. Another accident just waiting to happen lets say that there happens to be a jack rabbit driver waiting for his side of the light to change green..I just don’t understand why it is that Highway depts haven’t addressed this in their placement of lights when it is so apparent to me.

    This is sad for for all parties, buts this rush to judgement is even sadder. Accidents do happen and this appears to be a unfortunate accident.

  • llDayo

    The kid is 9 years old. Where were the parents to ensure his safety? Now, 9 years old isn’t hand holding age but it is still at a time of learning. The kid obviously didn’t look before crossing the street and did so right in front of a large vehicle. He didn’t think his actions through and ended up changing the life of someone else altogether. This doesn’t sound like the driver’s fault and I’m wondering if all of the writers asking for his blood will ever apologize when this guy is acquitted. Probably not!

  • koivisto

    I feel terrible for the child and the driver. See how people are jumping to conclusions? I admit MADD has been very effective with their campaign, but I don’t have to like it. Everyone agrees you shouldn’t drink and drive, but let’s get real and look at the leading causes of death and take some real actions on the leading causes. That was a little redundant!

  • koivisto


    I didn’t mean to tick you off. I enjoy your comments, don’t necessarily always agree. You bring a different vantage point and don’t stop.

  • Koivisto -

    I consider myself a firm defender of free speech, and have never prohibited anyone from posting comments in the years since I created this blog. All views are welcome.

    However, very reluctantly I asked Jim as tactfully as I could to please minimize the number and length of his posts, and the use of all caps. I believe 24 posts in one day is perhaps excessive, and impedes the expression of other views.

    Jim in a considerably less than tactful way replied that, in essence, he had a right to say what he wanted and how he wanted.

    Regretfully, for the first time I have been forced to ban someone. The alternative was to continue with what was a clearly degenerating situation.

    I apologize for having to take this distasteful step.

  • David W

    I just hope and pray Jim can find a way to process the emotions that must be haunting him at present. He must be in the midst of a very frustrating situation. Seek the serenity prayer Jim. It takes practice but the words hold true.
    Wishing the best to you thru these hard times. It will pass. Believe in that and serenity will follow.

  • RichardAlan

    I have a great Idea for a counter commercial against MADD, and in great taste.

    I’ve produced concert video’s in the past and most recently “No Reasonable Cause”

    With the proper funding to make this commercial perhaps Mr. Taylor and his colleagues would be interested in this production we’ll call it “I’m a real Victim” – of drunk driving.

    In it we’ll explain the devastation is causes us, we’ll cut and fade to an ordinary looking citizen holding a card, the grandpa, the grandma, the doctor, the lawyer, the fireman, a policeman, and even a judge, we’ll show that being stopped and accused of an alleged dui is devastating.

    We’ll show that being wrongfully accused of this crime that the honest law abiding citizens of this nation are the real victims, rather then MADDs imaginary victims based on their imaginary theories etc..

    We’ll show that MADD are “Tyrants” of the great Nation, as they fanatically attack and try to re-write the constitution of the United States of America….all in the name of DUI.

    I have access to mobile television, camera’s production editors etc. studios.

    We’d need to find real people with real DUI cases that were dismissed, plead down to non alcohol related, and those found Not Guilty by a jury.

    I’m willing to bet the farm that more honest citizens of this country are wrongfully arrested for DUI, then those that actually are killed by a drunk driver.

    Who’s with me on this? Lets make this happen.

    Feel free to contact me.

  • RichardAlan

    I forgot to mention that we could brainstorm a little more and really develop a fantastic counter statement from the opposite end of the DUI maddness spectrom.

    Perhaps my arrest is what this awakened me to do create a commercial for the Real Victims, “The Victims of MADD?”

    Okay this is my last post.

    I thank you all so much for listening and Mr. Taylor for this wonderful site.