DUI in a Wheelchair?

I’ve posted in recent years on the continual over-reaching of law enforcement in trying to chalk up more DUI arrests.  One simple way is to simply stretch the definition of what a "vehicle" is.  See, for example, Drunk Driving…on a Horse, DUI…in a Lounge Chair, Drunk Driving on a Lawn Mower, DUI on a Scooter and DUI – While Walking a Bicycle.  

Not to be outdone, law enforcement (and the courts) in Palm Bay, Florida, have pushed the envelope….

Man in Electric Wheelchair Arrested for DUI

Palm Bay, FL.  Oct. 13 – In his arrest report, police say Ronny Hicks appeared highly intoxicated, because his speech was slurred speech and he was acting confused. Since he was also operating a motorized wheelchair, the 54-year-old man was arrested for driving under the influence.

Police say Hicks, from Palm Bay, was allegedly blocking the path on a pedestrian bridge inside a park near Margaret and Helen streets in Palm Bay. Police were called because of complaints.

During his first appearance before a judge, the judge approved the maximum $5000 bond, because it was allegedly Hicks’ third DUI in ten years…. 

This is getting ridiculous…..

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