Forced Blood Draws: A Video

I've posted in the past about the latest fad with police departments:  forceful extraction of blood from citizens suspected of drunk driving.  See, for example, Taking Blood By Force, Forced Blood Draws by Cops SpreadingBlood Draws in the Back Seat by the Dashboard LightDUI Suspect Resisting Forced Blood Draw Is Tasered, Dies, Forced Blood Draws: Citizen Backlash? and, in the case of forced urine extraction, Catheter Forced Up Penis After DUI Arrest.

Talking about this violent but growing practice in the abstract is one thing — but seeing it in action is quite another.  Take a look at this video from yesterday's Fox TV News in Atlanta :  "I-Team Forced Blood Draws".   (Of interest are the comments from the news broadcasters at the end of the newscast, expressing surprise that such practices were legal.)

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