More MADDness – Golf Cart DUI

If you ever doubted that MADD’s “War on Drunk Driving” was more about alcohol than saving lives…

Man on Golf Cart Arrested for Drunk Driving

Bonifay, FL.  Jan. 26Florida State Troopers were on the scene of a fatal accident on County Road 177 Tuesday afternoon when Jerry Ogburn drove up on a golf cart just to look at the crash. That’s not against the law. But driving under the influence is.

Ogburn was arrested for DUI and booked into the Holmes County Jail. Troopers say it’s not his first DUI arrest.

Because of Ogburn’s drunk driving history, his golf cart was supposed to have an ignition interlock device which would prevent him from starting it if he’d been drinking…

DUI in a golf cart?  Ignition interlock devices on golf carts?

No, this isn’t some weird aberration or an over-zealous cop.  This is MADD’s prohibition agenda run amok.  See some of my previous posts, including DUI arrests on golf carts, wheelchairs, lawn mowers and — a horse

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