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Posted by Lawrence Taylor on September 19th, 2008

Now if MADD were truly interested in saving lives on our highways rather than in eradicating the “evils of alcohol”…

Study: Texting More Dangerous Than DUI 

 LONDON, Sept. 19 (UPI) — Young drivers who send text messages while operating a motor vehicle are at more risk than those who drive drunk, a British study released Thursday finds.

The study was carried out by a research group TRL for the Royal Automobile Club Foundation. TRL used an automobile simulator to compare the effect of texting on reaction time and other measures of driving ability to those of cell-phone use, drinking and drug use.

An engineer involved in a deadly crash between a Los Angeles commuter train and a freight train is believed to have been sending text messages while operating the train, officials said. He was one of 25 people killed in the collision.

"The participants in this study were almost unanimous in their view that drunk driving was the most dangerous action on the road," said Stephen Glaister, head of the RAC Foundation. "Yet this research clearly shows that a motorist who is texting is significantly more impaired than a motorist at the legal limit for alcohol."

  • joe

    The laws involving driving are a mess. A person can eat a sandwich or drink a soda, but they can’t have a cell phone to their ear. It’s unbelievable how illogical these laws have become. Looking at DUI laws and regulations is even more insane, because the level of BAC considered drunk has changed more than once.

  • garyse7en

    I think DUIs should be a serious offense, although agree a lot of the methods used to pursue DUIs are not effective.

    However I think it’s a joke that so many other things that can be as or even more dangerous then driving drunk are taken so casually. As a cyclist I’m very concerned about driving behavior, but the truth is if I get hit, it will more likely be someone on a cellphone in their own little world not paying attention then someone drinking and driving.