DUI Logic

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on August 7th, 2008

For those of you unfamiliar with the logic of The War on Drunk Driving, consider the following story from yesterday’s news…

Recent DUI Checkpoint A Success

Pittsburgh, PA.  Aug. 6  -  The final statistics have been assessed from a recent sobriety checkpoint conducted by the West Hills Task Force in Stowe Township.

 Police checked 275 vehicles that went through the Route 51, Island Avenue checkpoint on Friday night.  Of the cars that were stopped, there were six DUI arrests, three drug arrests and three citations for underage drinking.

Now consider this story from last week, mentioned in my previous post:

No Arrests Make Stops a Success

DUI checkpoints are working, police say

Lewisberg, PA  July 31  -  Police officers say a checkpoint that catches no drunken drivers should not be considered a failure.

"It’s a deterrence program," said Douglas Lauver, alcohol enforcement coordinator and co-coordinator of the North Central Highway Safety Network’s Regional DUI Enforcement Group. "Ideally, the goal is not to make any arrests for DUI." 

(Sgt. Scott) Hahn agreed, saying by making the scene a spectacle with lights, trucks and cars, the checkpoints make an impression on motorists going through them and prompt them to talk about the stops with others…

Get it?  If there are a bunch of DUI arrests, the roadblock is a success.  But if there are no arrests at all, then the roadblock is, well…a success.

  • joe

    Unfortunately, most citizens view drunk drivers as being potential murderers, and so the rights of citizens are constantly abused by law enforcement. People refuse to take a close look at breath testing technology, the process of arrests and so forth.

  • RichardAlan


    How do most citizens, judge’s, D.A.’s and lawyers from both sides of the table view an alleged DUI being dropped to a non alcohol related ticket?

    In my recent experience in my case, my lawyer and myself brought a ray of sunshine to the courtroom.

    To clarify what I’m saying here is; In my opinion these judges, lawyers, and D.A’s are are helplessly watching honest American citizens throw themselves at the mercy of the court, one after another, pleading guilty with out so much as a fight.

    It dawned on me that after years of these one might come to the conclusion that the Honest American citizen “has no spine”

    When I was in court it was so routine, when my case was called everyone perked up, the court was silent, people were smiling, as if to say ; “finally we have a citizen standing up for the Constitution and his rights thank God”

    All of my friends and colleagues are happy for me except that the DMV did it’s own conviction on me absent a court conviction.

    Last week I worked with Kenneth Starr and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for a C-span show. I got to tell a few people about what happened to me, and they were very happy to hear it.

    What do you lawyers think about this?

    I think the reason I’m so terribly depressed and in financial ruin at 43 years old is not because of the Justice system, the justice system works fantastic for all of us, it’s the “Legal system’ that is a complete mess.

    Please Let me know, How am I supposed to feel about what happened to me. My case was dismissed in court, I was convicted by the DMV with out due process, by a non licensed non lawyer high school graduate hearing officer that could barely speak english

    How am I supposed to support my family, what am I supposed to do now?????

    Please help…!

  • Ricci

    We are a police state nation now. But what do you expect from a government that says, you need a permit to take a fish out of water and eat it but hey… spit out all the kids you want no matter what….no permit, no special training, nothing. A wise man said, It is up to the patriot to keep his government in check, I dont think we have any patriots anymore.

  • tkorbitz

    I don’t understand why you didn’t take a breathalyzer test. Maybe you did and I just missed that part. There are so many tragedies caused by drunk drivers. I personally wouldn’t be offended if I was pulled over. I would thank the officers for their service. If I am inconvenienced for a small amount of time, it is worth it if they can find drunk drivers and keep them off the road! It is silly to refuse a test that can prove your innocence just because you a stubborn and trying to invoke your constitutional rights!

  • standup

    TK ? What color is the sky in your world ?

  • koivisto

    TK, We fought for those constitutional rights, because we were getting tired of the king. History repeats itself if you let it. I agree that drunk driving is dangerous, but there are many more higher priority items to be focused on if we truly as a society want to stop needless deaths. MADD is beating the drum and the police and courts enjoy the revenue. Maybe installing BAIID in cars would be the way to go, but there goes the revenue, get it? DUI has become a business for many and by gosh we can’t put people out of business.

  • Jimmy Garfield

    Drunk drivers are potential murderers. The rights of citizens are not abused, at least not in any systematic way. It makes perfect sense to call it a success when there are DUI arrests at a roadblock and also calling it a success when there are no arrests. The purpose of roadblocks and arrests are to dissuade people from driving drunk. Maybe the message is getting through.

  • Jimmy Garfield

    To RichardAlan: How were you convicted by the DMV with out due process? Most states have an appeals process. Did you not avail yourself of it?

  • RichardAlan

    Everyone in the United States knows that the only place you get Due Process is with licensed lawyers, judges, in side a “real courtroom” or Court of Law.

    The DMV is an “outside” entity they make up their own laws absent a court, judge, jury or a lawyer.

    In my case the DMV convicted me of something I was not convicted of in a “Court of United States Law” my case was dismissed in court. I was not “drinking and driving”

    The DMV did this on their own absent a court conviction one month “Before” my jury trial…
    The DMV did this based on the fact that they “thought I’d be convicted in Court” the DMV was “WRONG”

    It’s a Kangaroo DMV court… The DMV after my case was dismissed violated the Califonia Supreme court ruling and charged me with a DUI absent a court conviction…

    In summary, I was not found guilty of a 12352 A DUI in a court of law. The Judge order of “case dismissed” was violated and disregarded by the DMV for 62 days after my court case was dismissed.

    I received my DMV report and it said I was convicted of a DUI.

    My lawyers filed for a “minute order” to have this gross violation by the DMV and false conviction by the DMV repaired.

    The DMV is a complete mess….. they don’t know what the left hand is doing with the right hand.

    How can the DMV convict you of a crime that the court dismisses?

  • Bill

    Jimmy Garfield, you are a good little Nazi aren’t you?