Another Day on the Frontlines

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on July 1st, 2008

I think the following typical news story speaks for itself:

DUI Checkpoint Nets 2 Citations, No Arrests Made

Costa Mesa, CA.  June 27  -  The Costa Mesa police ran a sobriety checkpoint Thursday at Santa Ana Avenue and 18th Street, citing two drivers and impounding two vehicles.

One driver was cited for driving on a suspended license. The other was cited for having vehicle registration that had expired more than six months ago.

During the process, 469 vehicles passed through and 410 drivers were screened. Twelve drivers were investigated for driving under the influence, but no arrests were made.

The Costa Mesa Police Department will join forces with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to conduct another checkpoint Aug. 15 at Wilson Street and Pomona Avenue. Patrolling officers will be set up on surrounding streets to stop impaired drivers from avoiding the sobriety screening.

The California Office of Traffic Safety funds the program through a grant as part of a national enforcement campaign.

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  • David W


    Didn’t find anybody so lets look again??

    Don’t these people have anything else to do other than burn up our tax dollars? I mean, what about family responsibilities and all? Who is doing that for them?? A state funded program(our tax dollars)??

  • koivisto

    Can you imagine the uproar if they had checkpoints for your vehicles braking system? In the name of safety……….

  • joe

    What would really make an impact is in the body of the story having the cost of the officer’s time, the gasoline, the equipment and so forth to let tax payers know how their money is being spent.

  • koivisto

    Good points David and Joe.

    How about tire tread checks in the name of safety? It would be quick and those evil ones with low treads could be arrested. They didn’t knowingly blow a tire and kill someone, but hey, they should have known the consequences. MALT, Mothers Against Low Treads. Built in tread meters for the offendors, tread checking school, treads must be certified by an official. Slogans, “low tread means your dead”, friends don’t let friends drive with low treads”, use your head check your tread”. Okay I’ll stop now!

  • donleedon

    How about cell phone usage while driving? I can’t remember where right now, but there are reports that state that cell phone use while driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. Where is the agency that is named MAC (mothers against cell phones)? The worst I have heard of is fines much like any other traffic violation. I don’t advocate making cell phone usage as heinous as drunk driving, but I do advocate making the laws in a world ruled by sanity and what actually works.

  • standup

    What bites the big Kahuna is that this is a win-win for MADD.
    Either :
    A) No arrests = “See,everybody ? Our Nazi-style checkpoint idea does keep anyone who drinks off the road”
    B) A bunch of arrests= “See,everybody? thanks to our Nazi-style checkpoint idea, we took xx number of people off the road who could have killed you.
    C) At the end of A or B state,”We estimate that we have saved 318,458,214 lives tonight.
    D) If anyone were to dare question the number in “C”, immediately proclaim them to be a “Murdering Witch from Hell” !
    Right Don ?