First DUI = West Point Expulsion + One Year Prison

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on May 16th, 2008

I mentioned in my previous post how new statistics show that millions of Americans admit to having driven with .08% blood-alcohol in the previous month.  As Draconian as DUI penalties have become, one would nevertheless hope that the offense would not destroy the accused’s life, at least for a first offense.  Increasingly, one would be wrong…

Cadet Gets Confinement, Dismissal for Drunk Driving

West Point, NY.  May 14 — A U.S. Military Academy cadet was found guilty of drunken driving by a military judge and sentenced to dismissal from the U.S. Army yesterday.

The verdict came less than three weeks before Dixon was due to graduate with the class of 2008.

Dixon was formally charged in December with violating two articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice: drunken and reckless operation of a vehicle, and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman…

The judge sentenced Dixon to one year and one month confinement, dismissal from the Army and foreiture of all pay and allowances.

  • jim

    my mandatory national alcohol interlock on all cars would have prevented this!

  • koivisto

    Lets see, the armed forces are lowering the requirements to enlist, something not right here. Bars and alcohol legal, driving with any alcohol smell on your breath and you are tried and basically convicted on the spot. I am dismayed it has gotten so far that people don’t even blink an eye anymore. Beam me up Scotty……….