Of Hypocrites and DUI

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on May 3rd, 2008

Just the most recent example of the hypocrisy of MADD’s "War on Drunk Driving"….

Texas Lawmaker Who Created $3000 DUI Fine Gets a DUI

Austin, TX.  May 2 — A Texas state lawmaker instrumental in the passage of legislation increasing penalties on drunk drivers was himself arrested late Wednesday for driving while intoxicated (DUI). Texas State House Transportation Chairman Mike Krusee (R-Round Rock) now faces the special $3000 "driver responsibility fee" that he rushed into law in June 2003…

Nothing new here.  See my previous posts, The Hypocrisy of DUI Laws, The Hypocrisy Continues, Who Guards the Guardians? and Hypocrisy and the War on Drunk Driving.

(Thanks to Andre Campos.)

  • standup

    Is he going to have to go through all of the “B.S.” and actually pay that fine ? (With our Tax Dollars I might add) Or will it all get swept under the rug, and made to “Go Away” ?

  • koivisto

    Another PC decision to show everyone how much he cares, well I will be curious how this turns out. Problem is that 3 grand to him is not what it is to most folks. The DUI issue in this country is out of hand and Mr. Taylor is right in exposing the hoax.

  • Flipper

    We had a local police officer Live in PA.

    get a DUI used ARD a diversionary program to get the charge expunged..

    he kept his job.

    if I regular person gets a DUI and say he has a CDL in PA and uses ARD. that person gets his CDL suspended for one year! so that truck driver would lose his job..

    this cop did not..

    not fair.