Daily Archives: March 5, 2008

Catheter Forced Up Penis After DUI Arrest

I don’t think the following story needs any commentary from me:

Tube Inserted Into Man Who Refused to Give Urine Sample

Kelso, Wa.  March 4  –  When a man who was suspected of drunken driving in Longview refused to give blood and urine samples he was taken to a hospital.

His lawyer says he was held down kicking and screaming for a blood draw. And a tube was inserted into his bladder to withdraw the urine.

He sued Cowlitz County. A settlement was reached Friday in which he was paid $15,000, without authorities admitting they did anything wrong…

Welcome to "The War on Drunk Driving".

“The Federal DUI Immunity Act of 1998″

My last two posts, concerning the notorious lack of convictions for drunk driving when a cop, prosecutor or judge is involved, has triggered a flood of email…wanting to know about “The Federal DUI Immunity Act of 1998″.

Hmmm…Sorry, folks, that was just my attempt at humor.  Or perhaps sarcasm.  Or maybe anger.