“Do What I Say, Not What I do”

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on March 3rd, 2008

The latest example of the ubiquitous DUI Double Standard:

Regional Agency Head Suspended After DUI Arrest

Palm City, FL.  –   The leader of a Treasure Coast-wide agency established to provide classes for people convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs was suspended from her job Wednesday in the wake of her DUI arrest Monday.

The Comprehensive Offender Rehabilitation and Education program will continue to operate normally despite the arrest and suspension of its executive director, Margot “Peggy” Cioffi, 59, of Palm City, program officials said…

Cioffi, whose blood alcohol level was measured in a breath test at 0.336, could not immediately be reached for comment. The legal driving limit in Florida is 0.08 percent.

Cioffi was accused of striking another car with her Nissan SUV near Matheson Avenue, driving home, pulling away from a deputy as he tried to handcuff her, and screaming so loud neighbors came out of their homes, a deputy’s report says.

Apparently, Ms. Cioffi didn’t qualify under the provisions of the Federal DUI Immunity Act of 1998, which has previously been held to apply only to police officers, prosecutors and judges. 

(Thanks to David Baker.)

  • screwed by the system

    I found this quote from a state attorney to be very interesting:

    “I feel bad for Peggy because this is very out of character for her,” said State Attorney Bruce Colton, the president of CORE’s board of directors.”

    Gee, I wonder if Bruce has been feeling bad for all these years for all those DUI’s he’s undoubtedly prosecuted to the fullest life-ruining extent of the law? I bet he has! I bet every time he’s prosecuted a DUI he’s given first time DUI defendants lots of credit for the fact that getting a DUI is “out of character” for them. He’s probably made sure they didn’t get their names published in the newspaper, lose their jobs, lose their licenses for months or years, pay thousands of dollars in fines, spend years on probation and undergo months of expensive classes like the ones offered by his program. Yes, I have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Colton has just as much sympathy for every other DUI defendant in Florida as he does for Ms. Cioffi.

  • jim

    obviously, the 0.336% bac is not correct. and i really mean that.

    no one at 0.336 would be conscious enough to drive a car.

    0.336% is approaching clinical death…. as in call for last rights, get the stomach pumped… no?

    i think the bac is so out of wack, it will be impossible to prove… i also think the arrest could have been politically motivated, that is always a possiblity.

    innocent until proven guilty i say, for everyone, no matter what!

    dui is one of those things where a defense can press full court, because the penalties are set in stone and no plea bargins are accpted, it is an all or nothing type thing, at least in nj.

    force the state to trial, because in all legal sense, only a judge has the ability to say the evidence can prove dui, … not a prosecutor, not a defendant, not a defense attorney, only a judge.

    it is imperative trials are undertaken in dui cases, no defendant or defense attorney should say reasonable doubt and the burden of proff is met bvy the state only by looking at the discovery. that is for a judge to decide.

  • jim

    on a side note… in reading some of mr taylors client testimonials on here, i think it is fair to say mr taylor has gotten a lot of dui cases reduced to wreckless. no?

    it is just a fact of life that good dui attorneys usually can get a first offense, no accident, dui, reduced to wreckless.

    in nj however, plea bargins are suppose to be forbidden in dui,… yet somehow good dui attorneys are still able to get them.

    in my case, i know it is not right i ammaking my 13th appearance since my arrest 30 months ago, in municipal court, for a low level, first offense, non accident, run of the mill dui, where the bac can not,by nj supreme court order, be challanged at this time.

    intententiuon psycological abuse by the state , on me, is something so far out of any reasonable legal standing.

    i got court next week, and i am going to see if i can rrad a statement onto the record about the emotional distress i have suffered, the taking away of my rights to due process, and a dissmissal based on speedy trial violation, among other things, including contempt of court , and obstruction of justice by the prosecutor, and possible conspiracy to obstruct justice by the prosecutor.

  • changingtimes

    I am new to the Blog, however see a lot that I am concerned about. I too was prosecuted for DUI in 2006 even though the police officer claimed I made a 328 degree! turn before pulling over in a parking lot yet claimed in his report I was too drunk to stay on my side of the road. Not only was I not on this road but I was not drunk.
    The police officer was rude, physically rough and wouldn’t listen to anything I said when I tried to tell him he had the wrong person. When I answered in a respectful, yes sir manner, he asked me if I was getting smart with him and was I going to cooperate. 3 times this happened before he tossed me in a patrol car and whisked me away without even knowing where I was going. He took me to a DUI center for testing, the officers there acted like childish FRAT boys, calling me “cupcake” and threatening to KILL me or taser me if I wouldn’t stop asking for an attorney. When I asked for water they laughed at me and called me a drunk. I was shackled and humiliated by these so called professionals. When I was being taped performing the DUI tests anothor younger officer asked if I was ready?. I started to say “For what” when the video officer answered for me” Thats a refusal”
    I am 40+ years with 2 grandchildren and a chronic neck injury. I have never been in trouble with the law EVER!Why is a free country should any woman be legally subjected to this kind of abuse? now that I have lived this first hand, something has to be done. No, we should not allow those that would drive and hurt others when drinking but we also can not live as if we were in soviet russia being pulled from cars and arrested without explaination or grounds.
    Please tell me how we can change this on a local level.