More MADDness

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on November 20th, 2007

Another politically ambitious prosecutor seeking MADD’s endorsement:

Getting a DUI Could Get You on a Billboard

Phoenix, AZ.  Nov 19  –  Make sure you’re stone cold sober when you leave your holiday get-together or your mugshot could be pasted all over Valley freeways and streets on billboards.

The new billboards are going up just in time for the holiday season.

County Attorney Andrew Thomas says, “The point is don’t commit a dui or you’ll face a number of consequences. You’ll face incarceration, consequences with your driver’s license, and the fact that you could be potentially shamed.”

In addition to that, your face could wind up on the county attorney’s drunk driving Web site. In addition to the billboards, there are new radio and television public service announcements promoting the Web site.

The campaign costs $700,000. Convicted criminals are paying for most of it, because the funding is from assets siezed through RICO (Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization) statutes. The remainder comes from $188,530 allocated by the DUI abatement fund.

Well, aside from from the issue of “scarlet letter” shaming — and only for drunk driving cases (see my post The Scarlet Letter)…..Why couldn’t that RICO money be used to combat gangs?  Child molesting?  Maybe finding lost kids?  Oh, right, there’s no political endorsement in that.

  • standup

    Your question about the RICO money was right on the money ! ( Yes, pun intended )

  • vtexeira

    These drunk driver bashing people (individuals, groups, agencies, organizations) like MADD in the forefront, does not care about civil liberties, rights or whatever when it comes to the matters of drunk driving (DD)! They entirely blames it on the alcohol vulnerable, gullible people and wants them to be punished with whatever vindictive ways that they can lay their hands on! Billboards are the latest devise they want to add into their DUI arsenal.

    On the other hand I am totally astounded at their resilience to remain utterly silent about the alcohol drink governing bosses. Those who license, market those extremely dangerous high-alcohol drinks for the public consumption in the name of “Standard Alcohol Drinks” (SADs). All of which as the alcohol(ism)epidemiological surveys pointing out, causes almost all those drunk driving specially those fatal accidents!

    SO I ask; why not also collect names of those particular alcohol drink brand mugshots that these drunk drivers have been mainly drinking and put it together in that billboard. And warn people these high alcohol content SADs are extremely dangerous for drinking as they cause various alcohol(ism) problems, most terrible of them all is the drunk driving accidents as they see it!

    In addition to these billboard they should include it in their new radio and television public service announcements promoting the Web site. Warn people (like tobacco warning) these alcohol drinks are extremely dangerous or health therefore to avoid them completely. Choose only the safer low-alcohol drinks, which does not lead people into excessive alcohol consumption (its evidence found in the alcohol research)it does not make them highly drunk or intoxicated two three times over the DUI BAC limits as the SADs do. It can significantly prevent not only the drunk driving accidents but the other alcohol(ism)problems as well!

    Of course the alcohol drink marketing bosses will vehemently oppose it and most probably the people like MADD would totally ignore such sensible approach in the matters of drunk driving!