Posted by Lawrence Taylor on November 5th, 2007

Mothers Against Drunk Driving may have bitten off a bit too much with their latest alcophobic venture, as the following commentary reflects…

 The U.S. Marine Corps versus Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

That will be a battle. And it should be.

A dispute currently pits the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, California, against MADD. The Corps wants Marines serving under the age of 21 to have the right to consume alcoholic beverages. MADD is steadfastly opposed, and is spear-heading efforts to block the Corps from accomplishing this feat. The issue at the heart of this confrontation extends far beyond the base limits of Camp Pendleton and the borders of California. It needs to be addressed nationally, and as soon as possible for the benefit of the men and women serving in all the U.S. Armed Forces.

MADD is misguided.

Military men and women of any age have earned the right to assume the privileges of adulthood by their demonstrated levels of courage, commitment, sacrifice and responsibility. Denial of the legal consumption of alcohol to those in uniform under the age of 21 is preposterous and disrespectful, especially because a large share of those in the U.S. Armed Forces are between the ages of 18 and 21.

As an ex-Marine formerly stationed at Camp Pendleton, I can only shake my head at the blind intolerance continually exhibited by this group of rabid prohibitionists.

(Thanks to David Baker.)

  • llDayo

    Wow! Men and women willing to risk their lives for the rights of groups like MADD to spout their bullshit don’t have the rights adults do. That’s a crime in and of itself! There’s bars in my area that I know of that are willing to serve to someone with a military ID, at least they used to. Now they’re too afraid of being thrown in prison for giving someone a drink. Oh the horror!!

  • CitizenJ

    I just found this blog. I am increasingly disturbed by the actions of law enforcement in this country and the apparent disintegration of our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. DUI, Marijuana, Search-and-Seizure, and Privacy laws are just a few of the areas in which the police seem to have decided that the Constitution no longer applies. For the first time in my life, I am more nervous about coming in contact with a law enforcement officer than a criminal. At least with a criminal, I have a fighting chance. Today, it seems that if a police officer wants you to be guilty, then that is exactly what happens. It’s so depressing.