Flash: Proof Immediate Suspensions Stop Drunk Driving!

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on July 25th, 2007

At long last, conclusive evidence that having the cop serve as judge, jury and executioner in suspending the driver’s license of any citizen arrested for DUI will put an end to drunk driving:

Lohan Arrest Highlights DUI License

Suspension Study

ABC News, July 24  – When Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Tuesday morning, it marked the second time in less than two months that the actress was investigated for suspected driving under the influence.

Now, a new study suggests that immediately taking the driver’s licenses away from DUI suspects like Lohan could save hundreds of lives a year…

Swift Justice

The study’s authors believe that the speed of the punishment is what makes immediate suspensions so effective.

“Consequences that occur close in time to the behavior are more reinforcing or punishing than those that occur later,” they wrote in their paper.

Uh….Wasn’t Miss Lohan driving on a suspended license when arrested — an immediate suspension from a DUI arrest a few weeks earlier?  Didn’t seem to stop her.  Or maybe I’m just missing the MADD-style logic here…

  • Nelson Donnell

    It’s obvious to me that these people who are conducting this study must have gotten their study results from a “How To House-Break and Train Your Pet” symposium.

  • It’s possible that we might see a significant decrease if the licenses are taken immediately, but there are those who will take the chance and drive anyway. Ms. Lohan was well aware that she had a case pending and that she’s extremely high profile…her decision to take the risk despite the consequences is frightening to say the least