Felony Bicycle DUI

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on May 13th, 2007

It was inevitable…

State Not Backpedaling on

Bicyclist’s DUI Charge

Woodstock, Illinois.  May 11 – Even prosecutors acknowledged the case is a bit odd, but that’s not stopping them from pursuing felony drunk driving charges against an Oakwood Hills man and repeat DUI offender accused of riding his Schwinn bicycle while drunk.

Oakwood Hills police charged Charles Braun, 43, with drunken driving after he allegedly rode his bike – which happened to have a small motor attached to it – into traffic and caused a crash near Valley View Road and North Park Drive on April 21. His blood alcohol level was .272 at the time, prosecutors said…

“The bicycle had a motor that was no longer operating,” Braun told the judge during his request for a bond reduction. “The pull-cord was broken before the [crash].”

In agreeing to lower Braun’s bond from $20,000 to $10,000, Judge Joseph Condon said the state has no evidence that the motor was working…

But prosecutors said they believe the charges are valid. Even if the motor wasn’t working, the charges would still stand, (Assistant State’s Attorney Ryan) Blackney said, because the bicycle was not in “junk status.”

Because of a prior record that includes three drunken driving convictions – those from driving an actual car – if convicted on the bicycle charges, he’d have to serve a mandatory minimum of three years in prison and would not be eligible for probation or supervision.

Three years in state prison for riding a bike under the influence.  That should teach him…to just use a car next time.

  • skinner

    Under normal circumstances i would agree. But this guy has had several prior DUI arrests in the area. He menaces the locals, and he was seen zipping around with the motor running on that bike before the crash. The man has serious drinking issues to the point where several neighbors have put up security cameras. Now, even IF the ripcord was torn, you can start the motor via pedaling. In Illinois, the 3rd DUI is a felony, this guy has around 5 of them. Thae felony was not based on what he was riding when he tore through the intersection and hit some poor woman, it was based on his priors. I like this blog, and definitely agree with the bulk of the content by far, this is just a situation that has not been reported properly as to why this was a felony. Think of it, his blood content was something like .227? The guy is smoking drunk every day and cops are called because he sits and screams at late night trying to fight the neighbors and cussing like a bandit at the top of his lungs.

    Great blog though. There is great info here, and I do beleive for the most part that DUI lws are there more for revenue than for safety.