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Officers Rewarded for Arrests — not Convictions

In today’s news:

Officers with Most DUI Arrests to be Honored 

Jackson, Miss.  April 19  –  Mississippi’s outstanding DUI officers of 2006 will be saluted at a reception in Jackson Friday…

Those recognized at the annual event are based on the number of arrests they make. Those making 50 to 100 DUI arrests get honorable mention. Some officers in the running for the honors have made as many as 400 DUI arrests.

So police officers can get awards and promotions by making a lot of DUI arrests.  Not a lot of DUI arrests that result in convictions.  Just arrests. 

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And why do local governments want to reward quantity over quality? 

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Mr. Webster on “A Fading Constitution”

I am delighted and encouraged by the flood of visitors and emails in response to the last post, “A Fading Constitution”.  In replying to some of them, something Daniel Webster once said a century and a half ago chewed away in the back of my mind.  I found it on the internet:

“I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe… Our destruction,
should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of
the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and
negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger.”

A prescient fellow, Mr. Webster.

Drink and Drive and…Get Raped

In its escalating hysteria, MADD has commissioned and released new TV commercials.  I have not seen them yet, but a couple of readers have described one to me.  From one of those readers, posted today on the Comments section of “About DUI Blog“:

I’ve recently seen to my disgust a TV commercial sponsored by MADD showing the inside of a male prison. The way the prison is depicted is from the view of the prisoner (the convicted drunk driver). At the end of the commercial two rough looking inmates approach the convicted drunk driver and threaten to rape him using forms of physical intimidation. Then the commercial states at the end like all of their other commercials “drunk driving is a crime”.

Rather than give my reaction to this typical MADD activity, I’ll just continue with the reader’s comment:

I cannot believe that this form of disgusting tyranny is allowed to present itself in this manner to the public. MADD’s bold and arrogant attempt to shovel this kind of crap instilling fear into the public that they’ll be gang raped is completely unacceptable, and should result in the immediate removal of the commercial followed by a punishing lawsuit. Someone’s got to take these fanatical tyrants on in the name of decency, and constitutional freedom.

(Thanks to Grant.)

D.A.: Arrest Doctors if They Won’t Draw Blood

So, do you want to see where the War on Drunk Driving is taking us?

JoCo D.A. Gets Serious About Blood

Kansas City, April 11 – Johnson County D.A. Phill Kline wants local hospitals to draw blood for suspects in serious drunk-driving wrecks, even if they resist. Prosecutors will try to get search warrants over the phone, but even if they can’t, they want the hospital to get the blood sample, regardless. The blood could be crucial to getting DUI convictions, especially in the worst cases.

Any doctor or nurse who resists could be arrested for obstructing justice, the D.A. says. The hospitals say they want to cooperate, but also point out they have to obey patient privacy laws.

How far will it all go?

(Thanks to Brian Leininger.)

MADD Forced to Remove Fraudulent Claims

I see that my favorite charity is in the news again this morning:

Charity Drops ‘Misleading’

Spending Claim

Assertion that 83.6% of donations spent

on programs taken off MADD website

Toronto, Canada.  April 11 — MADD Canada has dropped its claim that 83.6 per cent of donor dollars is spent directly on its programs.

The claim – part of the charity’s pitch that annually raises $12 million – recently disappeared from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website.

The move follows complaints from key members of the anti-drunk driving charity, and a Star probe that revealed the majority of donor money stays with paid telemarketers, door-knockers and a direct mail company.

Top volunteers have accused MADD of deceptive fundraising practices.

MADD chief executive officer Andrew Murie would not be interviewed by the Star but said in an email that the charity had updated the information as part of “our ongoing dialogue with our donors and supporters.”

For many years, MADD has been saying it spends donor money well. Fundraising pitches typically stated, “83.6 per cent of your donation is spent directly on MADD Canada programs.”

Last fall, as part of an investigation into charity in Canada, the Star analyzed internal financial documents and found that after the fundraising and administration expenses, only 19 cents of each dollar donated to MADD goes to its programs…

Actually, this type of misrepresentation by MADD has been going on for quite awhile (see last year’s post, “MADD Under Fire”).  And it is certainly not limited to Canada: MADD in the U.S. has been criticized repeatedly for its high salaries and overhead-program ratio.

(Thanks to Jeremy Campbell.)