D.A.: Arrest Doctors if They Won’t Draw Blood

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on April 11th, 2007

So, do you want to see where the War on Drunk Driving is taking us?

JoCo D.A. Gets Serious About Blood

Kansas City, April 11 – Johnson County D.A. Phill Kline wants local hospitals to draw blood for suspects in serious drunk-driving wrecks, even if they resist. Prosecutors will try to get search warrants over the phone, but even if they can’t, they want the hospital to get the blood sample, regardless. The blood could be crucial to getting DUI convictions, especially in the worst cases.

Any doctor or nurse who resists could be arrested for obstructing justice, the D.A. says. The hospitals say they want to cooperate, but also point out they have to obey patient privacy laws.

How far will it all go?

(Thanks to Brian Leininger.)