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Justice Scalia’s Daughter Charged with DUI

As readers are aware, I’ve railed repeatedly in the past about the "DUI Exception to the Constitution" — the clear willingness of our Supreme Court to ignore the Bill of Rights when it comes to dunk driving cases.  That appears about to change:

Scalia’s Daughter Charged with Drunk Driving

Wheaton, Ill., February 14.  AP  -  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s daughter was arrested this week and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and child endangerment, officials said Wednesday.

Ann S. Banaszewski, 45, of Wheaton, was arrested Monday evening while driving away from a fast-food restaurant in the suburb 20 miles west of Chicago, police said. Three children were inside Banaszewski’s van when someone called police to report a suspected intoxicated driver, said Deputy Chief Tom Meloni.

Meloni would not release Banaszewski’s blood-alcohol level. He also declined to give the children’s ages or say whether Banaszewski had a previous record.

New DUI Weapon Unveiled in War on DUI

The latest news from the front:

Talking Urinal Cakes Dissuade Drunk Driving

San Diego, Dec. 12  -  In the age of cameras everywhere the men's room was thought to be the last bastion of safety from Big Brother but a new weapon in the fight against drunk driving could be on its way to a urinal near you.

Talking urinal cakes are made in China by a company called Wiz-Mark. They don't have hidden cameras or sensors that tell if you've had too much to drink but just simply try to make you consider how much you've had.The cakes are already being used in New Mexico and so far reaction to them has been mixed.

Women won't feel left out as the lady Wiz-Mark isn't too far behind.

(Thanks to Robert E. Battle.)