If the Driver is Sober, Then Arrest the Passenger

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on September 1st, 2006

From the Someone-Has-To-Go-Down Department:

Driver + Sandwich = Passenger DUI

Carlisle, PA (CBS/AP) A Pennsylvania man is fighting a DUI charge with an unusual twist: He was in the passenger seat at the time.

A state trooper says he pulled over a car after it swerved from a turning lane into the travel lane of a highway in Carlisle on Dec. 26. When he approached the vehicle, the trooper says the driver was holding a sandwich in both hands ? and the passenger, Derek Randall Pittman, told him he had been steering while his friend took a bite, reports the Patriot-News in Harrisburg.

Police say the driver passed a breath test, but the passenger had a blood-alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit for driving in Pennsylvania.

So much for designated drivers…

  • lancealots

    My girlfriend had her vehicle seriously vandalized on four occassions within two weeks. Thousands of dollars in damage. Every incident was reported. It took the police from one to two hours to arrive. They took pictures, were given the name of the suspected offender, with the reasons why he did this. On one occasion, the officer told me to handel it because they were too busy. There was never any action taken by the police.
    When I was arrested for DWI in a parking lot, it took them three minutes to arrive on the scene. I was very vigurously prosecuted. I doubt many murder cases have been prosecuted with so much enthusiasm. Where are the prioritys?