If the Driver is Sober, Then Arrest the Passenger

From the Someone-Has-To-Go-Down Department:

Driver + Sandwich = Passenger DUI

Carlisle, PA (CBS/AP) A Pennsylvania man is fighting a DUI charge with an unusual twist: He was in the passenger seat at the time.

A state trooper says he pulled over a car after it swerved from a turning lane into the travel lane of a highway in Carlisle on Dec. 26. When he approached the vehicle, the trooper says the driver was holding a sandwich in both hands ? and the passenger, Derek Randall Pittman, told him he had been steering while his friend took a bite, reports the Patriot-News in Harrisburg.

Police say the driver passed a breath test, but the passenger had a blood-alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit for driving in Pennsylvania.

So much for designated drivers…

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