Posted by Lawrence Taylor on January 24th, 2006

Judging by the email, my post a couple of days ago “warning” about “MACED” (Mothers Against Caffeine-Enhanced Driving) was taken seriously by some. It was a spoof, folks. Social satire. Strictly tongue-in-cheek. (The news story is accurate, however: There really is a “Caffeine Awareness Council” and apparently there really are local governments eager to save us from “caffeine intoxication and dependency.”)

Me? I’m going to sit down with another cup of coffee and try to understand why so many people are constantly driven to save me from myself.

  • Tox Lab Guy

    Maybe I need to take up coffee
    Caffeine is a common “artifact” in postmortem and human performance toxicology. I put that in quotes because although it truly is present in probably 50-75% of postmortem casework, it is usually not reported, unless the levels are very high. It is extracted, along with most other drugs, under alkaline conditions. Alcohol is a far less complex analysis, as there is no chemical extraction from the biological matrix involved.
    One day when case backlog was minimal (sarcasm) we sampled and quantitated various cokes and coffees to have some fun with a caffeine “enhanced” co-worker. I don’t remember what our quant results were, but the chromatograms keep showing up on his desk, years later.
    Keep up the great work.