“The DUI Exception to the Constitution” DUI, MADD and the “New Prohibition” DUI Sobriety Checkpoints: Unconstitutional? “Becoming a Police State…in the Name of DUI” How Breathalyzers Work — and Why They Don’t Convicting the “Average” DUI Suspect Field Sobriety Tests: Designed for Failure? Time for a Change “Close Enough for Government Work” Whatever Happened to the Presumption of Innocence? The Future of DUI Overkill: DUI, Train Wrecks and Murder Breath-Alcohol Testing: “State of the Art”? “State of the Art” Breathalyzers: A History New Data: DUI Roadblocks Don’t Work The “Mouth Alcohol” Problem What About “Mouth Alcohol Detectors”? Arizona Denies Right to Jury Trial in DUI Cases The Police Officer as DUI “Expert” A Fading Constitution Driving Under the Influence of…Bread? “First They Came for the Drunks…” Diabetes and the Counterfeit DUI DUI Entrapment Due Process and Automatic DUI License Suspensions New Law: Inaccurate Breath Tests are OK A Closer Look at DUI Fatality Statistics DUI Roadblocks: The Slippery Slope Who Cares About DUI? Why Breathalyzers Don’t Measure Alcohol How to Lose a DUI Trial Before it Begins DUI and the Disappearing Right to Counsel Can Body Temperature Affect Breathalyzer Results? Punishment vs Treatment in DUI Cases Tuberculosis, AIDS and Breathalyzers DUI Marijuana: Does Marijuana Impair Driving? Drunk Driving and Double Jeopardy Are Police Watching Your Home? The National College for DUI Defense How do I know the blood they tested was mine? Truth, Justice…and DUI Politics Alcohol on the Breath: Evidence of DUI? GERD, Acid Reflux and False Breathalyzer Results Xeroxed DUI Symptoms Driving Under the Influence of…Gasoline? DUI and the Disappearing Right to a Jury Trial Do Breathalyzers Discriminate Against Women? The Death Penalty for DUI? “The Suspect Had a Strong Odor of Alcohol on his Breath” “Immaculate Intoxication” Why do Police Destroy the Evidence in DUI Cases? The DUI Officer and “Selective MemoryMeasuring the Invisible Breath Sample If You Can’t Prove It, Make the Defendant Disprove It Breathalyzers: Why Aren’t They Warranted to Measure Alcohol? DUI on a Horse? How to “Drive” Under the Influence While Sleeping DUI: A Crime of Violence? The Supreme Court Gets it Right The Unknown Variable in a DUI Case: The Officer Warning: Breathalyzer in Use Believing You Have Constitutional Rights in a DUI Case Can be Dangerous Bush an “Inadmissible Person” to Canada Taking Blood by Force How to Raise Your Blood-Alcohol with Rolaids Driving a New Car? Don’t Take a Breath Test! Alcoholics, DUI and Catch-22 The Effects of Smoking on Blood Alcohol How to Fool the Breathalyzer Forceful Blood Draw by Cops: Constitutional? Coffee and Field Sobriety Tests Warning: Smoking Can be Hazardous to Breathalyzer Results Breath Testing After “One for the Road” Driving Under the Influence of…Paint? Would You Want a Cop Taking Blood from You? Rising Blood-Alcohol Levels in DUI Cases Asthma Inhalers Cause False Breathalyzer Results “Slurred Speech”: Evidence of Intoxication? How Not to Beat the Breathalyzer High Blood-Alcohol?…or a Zinc Deficiency? Urinalysis: Unreliable for Blood-Alcohol DUI, Field Sobriety Tests and “Circadian Rhythm” Breath Fresheners and Breathalyzers DUI in a Wheelchair? Supreme Court OKs Forced Blood – After 3 Breath Tests MADD Continues Shift Toward Prohibition New Weapon Unveiled in War Against Drunk Driving Getting to DUI Murder: A Roadmap When the Shoe is on the Other Foot Racial Differences in the Effects of Alcohol “How Can You Defend Them?” Prosecutors Fight for an End to Jury Trials Drunk on Listerine Mouthwash DUI SuperCops The Effect of Anemia on Breath Tests New Concept: No License Suspension if You’re Not Guilty How to Make a Million in the DUI Business DUI Ignition Interlocks: Dangerous but Profitable “Black and White Fever” Breathalyzer Inaccuracy: Testing During the Absorptive State Breathalyzer Inaccuracy: Post-Absorptive Breathalyzer Inaccuracy…It Gets Worse Can You Be an Accomplice to DUI? Drunk Drivers vs Distracted Drivers The Spiked Punchbowl: Involuntary Intoxication Using Computers to Prove a Suspect Didn’t Refuse Testing What Happens if a DUI Blood Sample Coagulates? Do Police Have Quotas? Fermentation in Blood Samples Produce….Alcohol Pulling Over and Sleeping it Off: Still a DUI? Do DUI Roadblocks Work? Do DUI Roadblocks Work? (Part II) Why Do Police Erase DUI Videotapes? Breathalyzers and Radio Frequency Interference Attempted DUI? DUI and Traffic Fatalities How to Get Your Ex-Spouse: The Anonymous Tip Drunk, Distracted or Drowsy? The “Choice of Evils” Defense Lies, Damned Lies and MADD Statistics Denial of Independent Blood Test DUI Roadblocks for Fun and Profit Breathalyzer Makers Won’t Tell How They Work Nystagmus: “The Eye Test” Nystagmus: “The Eye Test” (part 2) Nystagmus: “The Eye Test” (part 3) The Power of Faith The Road to Prohibition The Journey Continues Judge Throwing Out DUI Cases: Unconstitutional Stretching the Language of DUI Laws How to Get More DUI Convictions: Change the Rules MADD Roadblocks? DUI License Suspensions: Guilty Until Proven Innocent Judicial Quotas in DUI Trials? Judges Order Breathalyzer Code Given to Defendants Big Mother is Watching Nystagmus: A Fraudulent Field Sobriety Test? Police Using Pre-Written DUI Reports DUI License Suspension Hearings Held “Unacceptable” Random Breath Testing in the Future Is Hospital Blood-Alcohol Analysis Accurate? Breathalyzers and Circadian Rhythm Drunk Driver?…or Diabetic? Police DUI Experts Instructed to Commit Perjury Perjured Police Expert Testimony (cont’d) ABA Journal Reports on Perjury in DUI Cases The DUI Exception New Tactic: Preemptive Arrest Asthmatics Punished for Lack of Breath Power? Judges Indicted by Newspaper Investigation Cop Makes $172,000/year on DUI Arrests Judge Alters DUI Records to Appease MADD Don’t Drink Diet Soda and Drive 99 Years for Drunk Driving MADDness Smoking Reduces Blood-Alcohol Levels? Are Alcoholics Protected by the ADA in DUI Cases? The 19 Driving Symptons Cops Look For Alcohol vs Cell Phone: Which is More Dangerous? A Touch of Sanity
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