The 100 DUI Club

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on July 17th, 2005

My last post was about the financial incentives for making more DUI arrests. The following recent (July 13) news story reflects the career benefits:

County Sheriff’s Deputy Inducted into DUI Club

A Neshoba County sheriff’s deputy has been inducted into the Mississippi 100 DUI Club. Deputy Sheriff Vince Carter was recognized along with 37 other officers across the state at a luncheon sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety in Jackson

The officers were honored for writing 100 DUI citations or more during 2004

A Louisville native, Carter has been employed at the sheriff’s office for about six years where he has written more than 700 DUI citations.

This is the second time he has received the statewide induction

"It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve been inducted twice into the club," Carter said.

I guess I’d feel better about this story if the standard wasn’t 100 citations, but rather 100 convictions……

  • Mike Warren

    Well, here in Long Island NY, DWI became big business a long time ago. Road checkpoints and "safety checks" are just DUI traps. They coincide with holidays and run throughout the night. Everyone makes money, the county, the insurance companies, counseling centers, the probation dept., its win, win for the police. I speak from experience, my lawyer told me, and I quote, its not worth fighting Michael, one cop will lie and another will swear to it. I was convicted of driving drunk and swerving in and out of traffic, on a road I never drove on. The only part of the cop's story that was true was that I had been drinking. If the cops are bent on giving anyone a DUI, they can. We have no video here, you can't bail out, you can insist on a blood test, but they will deny you asked for one. Like my lawyer said, the cops will swear you were loaded, end of case. I plead guilty, paid my fine, lost my car, went to counseling (where everyone needs treatment) and moved on. The whole system is a rigged racket.