New Lie Detector Unveiled

Ok, this old news story isn’t about DUI, but it sure reminds me of the breathalyzer tests I’ve encountered in some of my cases:

There’s Still One Born Every Minute

RADNOR, Pa (UPI) – The police department here recently was told by a Bucks County judge that a Xerox machine cannot be used as a lie detector.

Detectives bent on obtaining a confession pretended an office copier was a lie detector after a suspect agreed to undergo a polygraph test.  Prior to interrogation, the sleuths placed a typewritten card in the machine reading: “He’s lying”.

The suspect was seated near the copier.  A metal colander was fastened to his head and wires ran from the colander to the Xerox machine.  Each time investigators received answers they did not fancy, they pushed the copy button.

Out came the message:  “He’s lying”.

Convinced that the machine was infallible, the suspect finally confessed.

Judge Ira Garb threw the case out of court.  “It’s the kind of comic relief we need around here once in awhile”, the judge laughed.

(Thanks to the father of George Bianchi.)

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