D.A.: Jurors Should be “Accountable” for Acquittals?

Ok, this story isn’t exactly about drunk driving, but it sure reflects the increasingly arrogant attitude of prosecutors we encounter in DUI cases here in Southern California: 

LOS ANGELES (March 24) AP – Jurors who acquitted actor Robert Blake of murder – and were later called “incredibly stupid'’ by District Attorney Steve Cooley – want an apology.

“I’m just disgusted,'’ Blake jury foreman Thomas Nicholson said Thursday. “It appears to me he has no faith in the jury selection. After all, it was his people who helped choose us.'’

Loyola University law professor Laurie Levenson called Cooley’s comment a
major lapse in judgment – and “much more of an embarrassment for him than the jurors'’….. On Thursday night, Cooley stood by his comments.

But this is the real mind-blower:

“Bottom line it was the wrong verdict,'’ he said. “Sometimes jurors should be held accountable for their mistakes.'’

I hate to think what Cooley has in mind for making jurors “accountable”, but I’m pretty sure ”mistakes” means aquittals…..

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