You Knew It Would Happen…

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on August 28th, 2008

Well, I suppose it was a logical inevitability.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving has pressured legislators into passing Draconian laws, intimidated judges into ignoring due process, and now…..

MADD Volunteers Hit Road for DUI Enforcement

Pilot Program Launches Labor Day Weekend in Florida

Manatee County, Fla.  Aug 27   -  In a "first in the nation" pilot program developed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Manatee County Sheriff, Brad Steube, announced in a press conference earlier this week, that his sheriff’s department was partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In a unique program that puts specially trained MADD observers on the road to observe traffic and report potential drunk drivers, MADD and the Sheriff’s office are committed to saving lives and preventing injuries.

 "MADD’s Traffic Observation Program, or T.O.P., is the first such MADD program in the nation," stated MADD Volunteer Leader, LaVonne Bower, who is managing the program in Manatee County. "Teams of two will be on the road observing traffic to report signs of possible impaired driving to the Sheriff’s department. Our observers have received specialized training that includes classroom instruction and a minimum of six hours of ride-a-long training with certified DUI officers. They will observe all traffic laws and will make no effort to stop or interact with the subject vehicles," continued Bower…

Sound ridiculous, maybe illegal, even a little frightening?  Well, contrary to the "first in the nation" claim, MADD has been doing this kind of thing for some time now.  See, for example, my previous posts MADD Helping Police at DUI Roadblocks  and…Are you ready?… MADD Roadblocks , where MADD actually set up their own sobriety checkpoints (pissing off the local prosecutor in the process).

  • RichardAlan

    And for some reason we the people allow these anti American patriots to tell us how “safe” we have to be…

    This reminds me of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when skateboarding was outlawed in the United States. It was a crime to ride a skateboard.

    Society, lawmakers, council members regarded this activity as dangerous, unsafe, reckless behavior, and unlawful.

    Laws were passed outlawing this sport, insurance stopped providing coverage for skateboard parks and skateboarding went underground. Society did not understand
    why anybody would risk their live to ride a skateboard so they outlawed it.

    In 1993 all of that changed when the “people” found out that a public pool was more dangerous then skateboarding, and that it was reported nation wide that basketball and baseball injuries were the highest in the nation.

    A driver with the blood .10 is not impaired and everybody knows it.

    MADD those guys are tyrants and everybody knows it.

  • dan

    I agree that not all people are impaired at .10 but some are. You can’t prove DUI on a single number and that in my opinion is why DUI is such a popular conviction for LEOs. It’s the same with speeding “we have devices that measure numbers to prove we are right” It makes a conviction very easy and we all know how hard public officials like to work.

  • dan

    Edited above to say you can prove DUI

  • koivisto

    Our society is insane to put up with the likes of MADD. Instead of spying on drivers, they could put their efforts into helping people such as the poor or disabled. They make me sick.