What Does a DUI Cost?

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on May 5th, 2010

Did you ever wonder how much it could cost you today if you’re arrested for drunk driving?  Not necessarily guilty of drunk driving, just accused of it?  Maybe $500?  Or $1000?…


Drunk Driving Could Cost $20,000

CNBC News.  Dec. 14  –  Twenty thousand dollars sounds like a lot to pay for a drink at a holiday party, but if that last cocktail puts you over the legal limit, that “one for the road” could easily cost you that or more.

One drink too many puts you at risk for not only an arrest, but also for fees, fines and costs that can run you thousands of dollars. While a DUI or DWI may be a misdemeanor charge in a number of jurisdictions, it’s a matter that most judges and district attorneys take very seriously. The financial toll of a conviction will play out for years to come, and in many states that can add up to $20,000 before everything is over. This includes bail, fines, legal fees, increased auto insurance premiums, loss of work income, court-ordered alcohol education programs and more.

Of course, if you get fired from your job as a result of the arrest, that dollar figure would skyrocket…

The Texas Department of Transportation says a June 2006 survey in that state showed the total costs of a DWI arrest and conviction — for a first time offender with no accident involved — would range from $9,000 to $24,000. 

In many states today, you’re better off committing a felony burglary, for example, than a misdemeanor DUI.  The difference between .07% and .08% alcohol in your blood could be the difference between a brief detention and a nightmare in the legal system with a $20,000 price tag. 

‘Ever wonder why?



  • My “alleged” DUI cost me $14,000 in legal fees, with a top Beverly Hills attorney, me being a professional driver for the motion picture industry with a class A. My case was dismissed because the CHP lost the dash cam video, evidence we asked for which would show me traveling the posted speed limit, with no swerving, as was written in the cookie cutter template “police report”, thereby “No Reasonable Cause” for the stop.

    We would have called the officer to the stand to ask him in front of a jury to then explain his reason for stopping me. He could not explain his reason because he lacked one. We would then proceed in showing this officers “MalFeasance” for the world to see.

    My Case was then dismissed, with a $666.00 court fine.

    Before this I had an impeccable 20 year safety and driving record in the work place, with safe driving awards from a former fortune 100 transportation company.

    I lost my transportation job way back in March 2008, lost my seniority, the last 2 years in pension hours toward my retirement, lost my medical and have none at this time, spent almost two years fighting the DMV as they “Fraudulently” reported I was in fact convicted of five DUI and reckless driving crimes all on the same day of: two DUI’s, one wet reckless, and two dry reckless driving offense’s.

    With a grand total of an easy $200,000 of lost and now future income……?

    I’ve refused to participate in this Government scam and now have claimed my “Sovereignty” that’s all I have left now.

    The question still remains; “why then was I stopped?”

  • …and yes my DMV record has been successfully all cleaned up after a 20 month battle with non English speaking DMV officials, the damage they “CREATED” is now life long going forward and into the future for me and my family.

    All I can do is go forward now, as the police offer us a “Fake Protection and a “Fake Service” AT THE BARELL OF A GUN.

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