The Scarlet Letters: DUI

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on March 21st, 2009

If there is any doubt about there being a "DUI double standard", one need only look at the widespread use of public humiliation in drunk driving cases (urged on by MADD).  See my past posts The Scarlet Letters, The Scarlet Letter – Version 2, The Return of the Scarlet Letter, More MADDness and Washington Says "No" to DUI Scarlet Letter.

Consider the latest example of MADD’s resurrecting the old Puritan’s branding of suspected adulteresses:

DUI Offenders to be Publicized Through Media

Du Quoin, IL.  March 20  –  If you get arrested for DUI in southern Illinois, you may now see your name in the news.

That’s because State Police are going to start compiling weekly lists of these offenders, and give them to the media for the public to see…

"We’re beginning to post people’s names and where they’re from to the media to let them know that this has got to quit" says Trooper David Sneed with Illinois State Police, District 13…It would probably be embarrassing to find your name all thru-out the media and the newspapers and on TV that you’ve been arrested for DUI."

Note:   Citizens whose reputations are to be destroyed in the media are those arrested for drunk driving — not those convicted of the offense.   

Query:  Why aren’t those arrested for child molesting highlighted in the media?  Why not those arrested for burglary, rape or selling drugs?….Or maybe adulteresses?

  • David W

    And being they seem to enjoy this so much, I think this is on the verge of deliberate slander. The standard use to be a listing of arrests but not in the realm of specific names. People are losing their jobs, athletic careers, etc just because of an arrest. No convictions, no court determinations, nothing. To plaster people’s names and photographs as “arrested” is crossing the line. Should they be found “no guilty” in a court of law, that doesn’t correct the fact that many have already lost there livelyhood based on an accusation.

    I call that deliberate slander before any determinations and being such, I believe these people should be held accountable in the form of a lawsuit. If they are convicted, thats one thing. But to do what they are doing before the fact is slandering and defamation of character. They should be held accountable by Statute indicating such. We just don’t have any yet.

  • RichardAlan

    That’s funny, I couldn’t pay the CHP, LAPD, MADD or the Court to publicize my “alleged fantasy make believe DUI” originally alleged speeding 60 in a 45, in truth going 46 in a 45 mph zone.

    I wonder why? My mug shot was not posted online, my name was not dragged through the mud!

    Could it be that by me claiming my legal status as a Sovereign American Patriot, claiming my legal rights, and me being a “private citizen” asking them the “public servants” all the questions???? demanding the CHP dash cam video which was magically lost, demanding a jury trial which never came to fruition, demanding the right to be left alone!

    Could it be that by me knowing myself and being my own master, is the impetus as to why my case was shoved under the rug?

    As it surely would undermine the hidden agenda’s of all these “fraudulent” agnecies I’ve mentioned above.

    Yes if there is alcohol involved during driving, with an accident, property damage, injury or death, then yes this is real and charges should be made.

    But this fantasy “what if’ or “you might” and the .08 voodoo science is crock of shit and we all know it.

    I’m really fricken pissed about my loss. I’ll be pissed for the rest of my life, I’ll channel it to the positive, I’ll always be pissed.

    Like I said in other threads, I should be retiring in the next few years. Now I have to start all over at 45, a first time bankruptcy which I can’t afford to start, destroyed credit, the loss of truck and income for a year, and last but not least complete loss of my self esteem and confidence.

    I deserve better then this when I drive down a highway in this country at anytime of the day or night–to not be profiled for imaginary fantasy make believe realities by the “Malfeasant police officers”

    We all deserve better than this!

  • RichardAlan

    –And one more thing, What happened to Dante Stallworths Blood sample? We were waiting for it on Friday, postponed til today and still no reports?

    This is a real “DUI” case somebody was killed.
    Where is the test results, why does it appear to be some sort of stalling tactic?

  • joe

    This is so unfair. If the state is so concerned with DUI, then why aren’t they going to the root of the problem–alcohol?

  • standup

    That’s because the anti-alcohol fanatics at MADD are doing it for them Joe. Right Don ?

  • ruReadyMyFriend

    This county post every innocent person for all to see: I think the judgement start here!