Professional Courtesy

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on April 2nd, 2009

What would happen if you were arrested for drunk driving?  What if you were arrested for DUI after crashing your car – twice the same day?  A long stretch in the local jail?  Not if you’re a prosecutor…

Calif. Prosecutor Drops DUI Charges Against Nevada Prosecutor

Baker, CA.  Apr. 1 – A Nevada prosecutor pleads guilty to reckless driving and won’t be prosecuted for DUI in connection with two crashes in a six-hour span, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Nye County District Attorney Bob Becket crashed two cars within six hours on the same stretch of California  highway in June 2008. He failed an alcohol breath test at the scene of the second crash.

In September, Beckett pleaded not guilty to DUI charges.  But he changed his plea after the DUI charges were dropped, pleading guilty instead to reckless driving. As part of the plea, he is also required to complete a class on alcohol and automobiles.

Beckett will not be prosecuted for drunken driving under the plea deal entered in Barstow, Calif., Superior Court on Friday.

In the first crash, which happened early afternoon, Beckett totaled the county-issued SUV he was driving on California Route 127, south of Shoshone, Calif. No other vehicles were involved.

After riding home in a tow truck, Beckett went out to the same highway in his own van, crashing six hours later.

After failing a breath test for alcohol at the scene, Beckett was arrested, taken to Baker, Calif., and released into the custody of a friend.

San Bernardino County deputy district attorney Joel Buckingham said the plea agreement was not out of the ordinary and Beckett did not get any special consideration.

Two back-to-back crashes within hours of each other, failing a breath test — and the drunk driving charges are dropped, with no jail time and only a reckless driving conviction…No special consideration?    

  • RichardAlan

    This is amazing, you’d think that the courts would keep this under wraps, or perhaps the courts just think we’re all to stupid and not smart enough to see this for what it really is?

    On a happy note,
    Today my Class A commercial license is no longer disqualified. Monday I’ll go down and pay the DMV my imaginary confetti monopoly money of $125 to re-instate my driver license. I’ll probably have to take the written test again for the class A???? and provide my DOT health card.

    I really don’t want to participate in this fantasy land any more. I really don’t want to give the DMV my money even though it’s worthless now. I really don’t feel that the DMV deserves my money, in fact I think the DMV should be paying me for fraudulently “abridging” my Constitutional rights to travel
    with their Fraudulent color of law statutes and bylaws that are tyrannical against me, us, you the american Patriot.

    I’m not happy about this day, I’m not happy about what was done to me absent a court conviction, based on a policeman’s fantasy observation of a private citizen with no probable cause, evidence, record or priors.

    It’s funny, the Guilty until proven innocent factor is the “Reality” here. In review of my arrest reports, I stumbled across the language the prosecutor was using against me, in this language the prosecutors was demanding that I come to court and admit to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and if I do, they will only give me two days in jail, charge me only $3,000 fines, give me only a 9 month alcohol school, and a MADD program.

    I laughed at them and said, I claimed my legal status and my 4th and 5th Amendment rights at the time of my arrest for a reason, you had no probable cause to stop me, I gave you my answer on the night of my arrest over a month ago! My answer was the same then as it is now; “No I remain silent, and sovereign” with this they tried to make up a fantasy story with no evidence.

    If I was really speeding at 60 in a 45 mph facing these fake DUI charges, the CHP dash cam video would have been provided, the probable cause stop would have been legal. No video, no speeding, dropped fake DUI charges.

    I was not drinking, or on drugs while driving! There was no court conviction.

    We are all considered criminals the moment we walk outside the front door of our homes.

    Yay, I get to get my class A back, what am I gonna be accused of next for having it now?, only for it to be taken away again for some mythical crime based on the fantasy observation of another man wearing a badge , holding a gun, writing down make believe on a cookie cutter stamped out report, based on alleged smell and gizmo contraptions ??

    I worked all my life to get to where I was last September of 2007, great credit, new truck, gonna buy a house, career opportunities in transportation, start a family, have kids. Today at 44, I feel like I just got out of High school, with nothing, looking for a job, no credit, only difference is I’m so much wiser, and I was not given any professional courtesy like this guy who really was drunk, and a member of the court.

    I post here so MADD can hear and read about the other side of their tyrannical ways.

    When I was stopped, I remained silent, I was arrested for my silence, threatened with jail, (I was locked up for 12 hours) and threatened with the loss of my license for one year.

    I was just punished by a fraudulent pretend state (CA) for claiming my legal status, and my right to remain silent during an illegal traffic stop.

    Always remember…

    What’s the nature of the stop?

    Am I being detained?

    Am I free to go?

    They can take everything you own, but they can’t take sovereignty, your thoughts, or your mind.

    Peace everyone, I hope you enjoyed my terrible experience