Latest Weapon: Scare Kids with Fake DUI Arrests

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on November 22nd, 2008

A few months ago I posted about a staged scene designed by MADD in which police officers came to a high school and falsely told students in 20 classrooms that one of their classmates had been killed in a drunk driving accident.  Before they were told the truth hours later, many of the kids "were driven to tears – a few to near hysterics".  See MADD’s Latest Weapon.  The newest version of this tactic:

Staged DUI Arrest

A staged drunk driving arrest is getting mixed reaction at a local high school. Administrators at San Joaquin Memorial working with Fresno police set up the fake arrest to show kids the dangers of drinking and driving.

This morning juniors and seniors were told the truth about the alleged drunk driving incident…That it was all a hoax. The principal says he’s not apologizing for the education the kids got about drinking and driving.

One student caught the fake drunk driving arrest on tape. Standout Water Polo player Kevin Van Gundy getting arrested in front of the school at lunch time Wednesday for being under the influence. Van Gundy says his friends were both relieved and mad Thursday morning when they found out the truth.

The real story was revealed during an assembly this morning, when Van Gundy faced a Fresno Superior Court Judge, just like he would have if it were real. Not even the teachers knew the truth until the principal sent out this email late Wednesday explaining the DUI lesson.

Administrators kept the secret overnight on purpose, so students would go home and tell their parents…

One parent who contacted action news and didn’t want to be identified said quote "I think the desired effect was not achieved. Parents and students were left devastated for 24 hours. It was traumatic and shocking."

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says sometimes a shock is what students need…

Van Gundy isn’t sure he’d participate again. The exceptional student who carries a 4.3 GPA says many students were really shaken up and he feels bad. "I think it stung a little bit more than it had to. I think keeping the students in the dark over night for so long just kinda leaves a bitter taste in their mouth towards the whole situation as opposed to being able to listen to the message they were a little bit angry at the administration or at me or at the program that it was just a little bit too harsh for some of them."

The principal says this issue is very personal to him, since his brother was killed in a drunk driving accident years ago… 

I’m sure the students learned a lesson.  What do you think it was?


  • David W

    Why not quit screwing around with deception and initiate a realtime senerio in the form of a roadblock since California likes them so much. No lies, no hoax?

    Actually, I think the strategy of MADD is TO push as far as one can go,(breaking the law in the realm of parental rights) to keep the frenzy alive and not step on the toes of those they get the majority of their support. The concerned parent

    To initiate a roadblock would probably end up with an amazing amount of arrests(probably evil weed associated, but still dui) causing an uproar within the community within parents about these infingements of just stopping people to “show me your papers) as our friend in Fla has so eliquently established his posting name as. Then there would be months of court appearances, screwing up the ability of these parents to maintain their job responsibilities, their children missing school for these appearances,,, and the next thing out of their mouth would be “what the hell is going on here?”.

    The very last thing MADD wants to see happen. So this leads us back to the real purpose behind them. It doesn’t have to do with routing out all offenders,,,it has to do with getting those that are easy targets to keep their coffer’s full for payroll expenses. They damn such don’t want to piss off their support base.

    I think its time to initiate these roadblocks around schools. No Hoax, no deception. That would identify problems within the younger generation before they have a chance to become part of their, “but you “might have killed someone” all famous stance.

    But again. To initiate lawful checkpoints within school zones would cause MADD unbelievable problems in the verbal line they have been using for justification to demand these insane requests for lowering and lowering the definition of what “drunk” is. Lose the parent base,,and your world fails to exist and the deception is exposed. And it would be curious to see how many of the parents that pick their children up in lieu of riding the bus that may get caught up in this as well.

    I believe you all know what I’m saying here.

    One added note again: Anyone want to take a gander as to how many MADD members(but as SMYP has quoted a MADD rep stating there are none), do you think would get caught up in this as well?. Any guesses?

    If they are truely sincere in their statement of saving lives, then they should have no problem initiating this in States that allow the legal interuption of free passage on our highways as a non-infringement of our 4th Amendment rights before someone changed it to say it didn’t mean all that it meant.

  • RichardAlan

    This one is easy, yeah, the lesson here is, Do not trust Adults, anyone in authority, the police, the school principal, and of course the police again……

    A bit Hoodwinked I’d say?

    again, this is the “fiction” the magical make believe fantasy land routine these police people actually think works…


  • standup

    Joe, the impression I’m under, is that this kid was happy, and willing to participate in this hoax.
    Imagine his father being up for a promotion and his boss drove by and saw it. Or how about the manager of some place that this kid just applied for employment with ?