DUI Suspect Shot by Bounty Hunters

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on August 4th, 2009

Maybe MADD’s "War on Drunk Driving" has gotten a little out of control.  From yesterday’s Los Angeles Times:

Bounty Hunter Shoots Man in Sun Valley

Sun Valley, CA.  Aug. 3 –Three bounty hunters were involved in a shooting after they tried to arrest a suspect in Sun Valley who was wanted in connection with a misdemeanor DUI arrest, police said.

The shooting occurred at 9:57 p.m. in the 8200 block of Marmay Place, said Officer Karen Rayner of the Los Angeles Police Department. She said the man was shot once in the left thigh and did not appear to be seriously wounded. 

The bounty hunters, armed with guns, arrived at the home near the 5 Freeway to  arrest the man. He apparently grabbed one of the guns during the scuffle, Rayner said.

"The bounty hunter had his weapon taken away, and his partner fired a least one shot at the suspect," Rayner said.

Officers were at the scene investigating. The body hunters and suspects were not identified.

  • RichardAlan

    I live in Sun Valley, Ca. If anybody tresspasses on my property they will be dealt with in force. I’m a proud American Patriot.

    Still Fighting the DMV for fake Fantasy Make Believe false convictions on my record.

    Recent info sent to Glenn Beck Fox News.

    –I’m a new self appointed “Constitutional Watchdog’ my eyes are on the California DMV for committing Fraud against private citizens by posting fantasy make believe convictions on their DMV reports, that they’ve never been convicted of by unnamed, unknown, mystery DMV officials, agents, or employees. I have a lawyer, we are battling against the DMV, so far the DMV lacks all common sense, and has sent me documents that contradict court documents. The DMV currently is in violation of a Court Order by a judge to “strike the record”.

    We’ve been unsuccessful in identifying the DMV employees responsible for civil rights violations and fraud, they are unnamed, unknown, and remain a mystery. We need to report on this and kick start an investigation as proud American Patriots. I recently sent a detailed letter to Glenn, I hope he read it and can shed some interest towards this story. It appears the DMV is covering up an intentional altering of the record after a court order.!