Drunk Riding

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on May 2nd, 2009

In today’s stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off department:

Cowboy Ticketed for ‘Riding Under the Influence’

Arvada, CO.  May 1  –  A man in a cowboy hat who rode a horse through a Denver suburb has been cited for riding an animal under the influence…

Police say deciding what to do with the horse was a "tricky call" because "you can tow a car" in typical drunk driving cases…

  • standup

    I would expect that in the not too far off future, on a planet not too far,far away, people who live on… let’s say a 500 acre ranch will be arrested for riding a horse on their own property after drinking a beer. Right Don ?
    But Laura Dean Mooney could ride the same horse,and not be charged with cruelty towards animals. Man, this country is going to Hell in a handbag and fast !!

  • Michelle

    I have four horses and regularly go on trial rides that are sometimes quite large. There are a lot of families on these rides and also a lot of drunks riding. This bothers me!! If you are not around a lot of people or little kids fine. What you seem to forget is that a horse has a brain of it’s own and drunk riding can be very dangerous. Horses are afraid of two things…things that move and things that don’t. I have a feeling a lot of people feel the way you do but someone is going to end up getting really hurt or a horse will end up getting killed before anything is truly done to protect the horses or small children on these trail rides!!