Cops Caught Lying About DUI Arrest

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on July 26th, 2012

This one doesn’t need much comment…except to say that what makes it unusual for a DUI case is the cops getting caught:

2 LAPD Officers Lied About Making Making DUI Arrest, Prosecutor Says

Los Angeles, CA.  July 26 —  Prosecutors charged two Los Angeles police officers Wednesday with perjury and filing a false report for allegedly lying about an arrest.

Craig Allen, 39, and Phillip Walters, 56, turned themselves in to authorities at the downtown criminal courthouse after arrest warrants were issued, said Deputy Dist. Atty. Renee Chang, of the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office’s Justice System Integrity Division, in a statement.

Allen and Walters, both motorcycle officers, were on patrol on Sept. 4, 2010, when they were dispatched to assist another officer who had stopped a suspected drunk driver, according the statement. They allegedly arrived at the scene 15 minutes later, but Allen stated in a written report that he had made the stop himself after watching the driver disregard two stop signs, the statement said.

Walters, who joined the LAPD in 1990, then allegedly testified months later at a hearing that he had been with Allen at the time of the traffic stop and had also observed the driver fail to stop.

It was not immediately clear how the officers were discovered or why it took nearly two years for charges to be filed…

I think it’s clear why…. 

  • Tiesha H

    the police officers who have done this are ethically wrong. The punishments that they get from this they deserve every last bit of it. i say this because i have had a cousin of mine who was killed by a drunk driver. i couldnt imagine how i would feel if the killer was never served justice. the officers should be striped of their badge indefinitly.

  • We need to have a way to hold police officers accountable! There’s no excuse for them ruining people’s lives and acting like they are outside of accountability for their actions.

  • Ashley

    the two police officers that lied about the arrest are ethically wrong, they lied about it to probably get more money on their paychecks. police officers like this is the reason why i am not to comfortable trusting them. they think that just because they are in a unifrom that they have the right to commit unethical acts.