Another “Successful” DUI Roadblock: 3000 Drivers Stopped, 0 DUIs

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on December 9th, 2008

I’ve railed long and hard in past posts about the unconstitutionality of DUI roadblocks ("sobriety checkpoints") — as well as about their ineffectiveness and growing abuse.  See, e.g., Do Roadblocks Work?, Do Roadblocks Work? (Part II), DUI Logic: Roadblocks Effective Because They’re Ineffective, Police Using DUI Roadblocks Illegally, Purpose of DUI Roadblocks: "Shock and Awe" and DUI Roadblocks for Fun and Profit

Just another recent example here in California:

DUI Checkpoint Finds Many Unlicensed Drivers, But No Drunks

Bakersfield, CA –  Bakersfield police impounded 84 vehicles at a DUI checkpoint Friday night in the 4600 block of Stockdale Highway. The Traffic Enforcement Detail says the event is an effort to reduce the number of people killed each year in DUI related collisions, as well as insuring motorists on city streets are in possession of a valid driver’s license.

The checkpoint was set up at the intersection of Stockdale Highway and Montclair Street around 5 p.m. Friday and taken down at 1 a.m. Saturday. Nearly 3,000 vehicles were screened by officers, resulting in 32 citations for driving on a suspended or revoked license; 53 for driving without a valid license and 32 motorists were cited for miscellaneous vehicle code violations.

Another effective roadblock:  117 citations and 84 vehicle impounds –  worth a bucket of fines to the local city treasury.  Drunk drivers?  Who cares.

Oh, and by the way, the Supreme Court carved out an exception to the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment  for roadblocks — but only for apprehending drunk drivers, not for "insuring motorists on city streets are in possession of a valid driver’s license".


  • RichardAlan

    I’m not so sure I’m qualified to post on this great site. All I can do is share my experience, wisdom and knowledge.

    Again more imaginary Fantasy Make Believe by the courts, legislators, and police. Even “Alice in Wonderland” would be baffled.

    We all know or have known for the past 100 years that you only need a license when you’re stopped by the police. We also know that driving with out a license is a victimless act and hurts or damages absolutely nobody in this world or this universe. We also know that being forced to “register/get a license” is border line Tyranny by a government to designed to separate a private sovereign citizen from his money and his freedom.

    We owe trillions upon trillions to the Rothchilds of London, and many others.
    Our Government has to do this to us, they have to destroy our constitution to pay back the loans to these foreign investors. This is why our rights are constantly being challenged go here for more info.

    If we were truly sovereign we would not be constantly ‘Brow , beaten, and Badgered by our Government. We would be truly sovereign and free in the name of Freedom as it was originally intended.

  • standup

    What really frosts my weenie about these Nazi – style roadblocks,is that they are a win-win thing for MADD.
    3000 citizens stopped, 0 arrests, “Seeeeeeeeeeee”, says MADD, “These roadblocks DO work, not a single drunk driver on the road.
    Or, 3000 vehicles stopped, 86 arrests. Seeeeeeeeeee,says MADD, these roadblocks DO work, one of those 86 people we took off the street might have killed someone.