Alcohol on Breath + No Driving = DUI

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on July 16th, 2010

In the current climate of political correctness, drunk driving is approaching the status of child molesting — and legislators, police, prosecutors and judges seem hell-bent on expanding the offense far beyond any reasonable interpretation. A recent example:

Appeals Court Nullifies Drunk "But Not Yet Driving" Offense

Pewaukee, WI.  July 14 — A state appeals court nullified a drunk driving arrest today against a woman who was nabbed in Pewaukee before she could even start her car.

Brittany Meye was arrested in January of last year, just after she got into her car at a gas station.  A police officer approached her, noticed a strong scnet of alcohol on her breath, and arrested her before she could start the car and pull away.

The Second District Court of Appeals in Waukesha said it’s wrong to suspect that a driver is drunk, just by smellin alcohol on people’s breath before they get behind the wheel.

Pretty obvious, right?  Then why was Ms. Meye arrested by the cop — and charged by the prosecutor?

And if you think this is an isolated example, see a few of my earlier posts: State Supreme Court: DUI Doesn’t Require Driving, Convicted of Drunk Driving…Without Driving, Sleeping Under the Influence and How to "Drive" Under the Influence While Sleeping.

  • elf

    i was busted in my friends driveway after being there for about 10 min the cop had busted my friend’s sister there too
    its a small town its all about revenue

  • Bill

    If we follow this to the logical conclusion, then anybody can be charged with DUI and convicted by staying home and drinking. The catch phase is now; “He / She was in control of the vehicle. This is used in many of Lawrence’s reports of people being convicted of DUI while sleeping in their cars. I can see people being arrested sitting on their front porch drunk as a skunk, their car keys hanging on the key rack in the kitchen. “You had control of the vehicle”; they will say.