3rd Chicago “DUI SuperCop”

Posted by Lawrence Taylor on February 27th, 2009

In my previous post, I mentioned the growing phenomenon of the DUI "SuperCop" – officers who get MADD awards and departmental promotions from racking up the highest numbers of drunk driving arrests.  See More DUI "Super Cops"…and More Innocent Victims.  The accompanying news story was about two Chicago cops who had gotten caught framing innocent citizens to accomplish "SuperCop" status.  Now there’s a third, but this one manufactured evidence for the overtime pay…

Third Cop Accused of Trumping Up DUI Charges

Chicago, IL.  Feb. 27  –  Two Chicago men on Wednesday filed lawsuits against the city and a police officer they said trumped up DUI charges against them.

The separate federal suits allege that Town Hall District Officer Richard Fiorito violated the civil rights of James Dean Jr. and Shawn Rauch, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The men’s attorneys accuse Fiorito of manufacturing fake DUI and other traffic charges against motorists in a scheme to garner the extra overtime pay that comes with making court appearances on cases. 

DUI defense attorneys have been aware of this dirty little secret for a long time.  Those who are righteously arrested for drunk driving tend to end up pleading guilty.  But those who are innocent want to fight the charges in court — requiring the arresting officer to make long court appearances to testify….and rack up time-and-a-half pay, often in the tens of thousands of dollars per year. 

It’s far more lucrative to arrest innocent citizens than guilty ones.

  • standup

    So I guess if we use “MADDamathics” here,we can calculate that this officer has framed innocent people 87 times before getting caught this time. Does MADD have a comment on this ? Don ? Deputy Brock ? Get a job yet Kari ?

  • joe

    This is amazingly unfair. Are there ANY honest police officers out there? Any at all?

  • RichardAlan

    This stinks all the way around. The innocent victims here, falsely accused now have to spend Thousands of dollars in legal fees to protect their interests, family, property, and freedom.

    This happened to me and thousands of others.
    It cost me $14,000 to find out that the police had no evidence, and the police dash cam videos were of no use because they were lost, stolen, or damaged.. (?), my demand for a jury trial was dismissed as were the alleged “charges of DUI”

    It cost me the loss of my license for “Claiming my status” against the “Malfeasant” officers “Fantasy make believe” against me, a “private citizen’

    No I’m filing “Bankruptcy” I worked all my life to be wrongfully profiled and arrested on “fantasy” DUI charges.

    I spent the last 20 years working to “lose everything”
    I was supposed to retire in a few years in my mid 40’s!

    God Damn it .. now I have to start from scratch and work for another 20 years, until my 60’s to get it all back. Phuck the Government and their fake fantasy make believe charges….

    I’m very angry over this, very, very angry!